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You Won’t Find Another Company In Central PA &
Pittsburgh That Makes Window Replacement So Easy

Why We Threw Out Obsolete Industry Standards
& Rewrote The Book On Getting New Windows.

This is Andrew Zahn, Owner of Zen Windows Pennsylvania. I want you to know one thing right upfront…

I may sell windows… but I am NOT a window salesman.

I’ll explain.

I can’t stand the concept of “selling.” I don’t like putting people in uncomfortable situations, so I avoid high-pressure (or any pressure) sales tactics at all costs. The slick-talking, arm-twisting window salesman stereotype? That’s just not me.

I used to be a Public Relations Manager for a remodeling company. I’d field tons of complaints from customers every week. The most common complaint was—you guessed it—high-pressure sales meetings and salesmen who wouldn’t take “no” for an answer.

After almost five years working for the company, I had had enough. It might sound cliché, but I thought to myself, “There has to be a better way.”

Fortunately, a man from Ohio named Dan Wolt thought the same thing… and he was 10 steps ahead of me.

The Replacement Window Revolution

The Replacement Window Revolution

In 1997, Dan Wolt founded the original Zen Windows in Ohio. He had worked for window companies for years, and he witnessed how stressful the “normal” window sales process was to homeowners.

One day, Dan sat down and made a list of everything homeowners don’t like about getting new windows. When he was finished, he looked hard at each problem on the list. He then came up with another list… this one consisting of how to FIX these problems.

Here’s what Dan came up with:

  • Get rid of in-home sales meetings; create a quote process that is done entirely online and over the phone.
  • Eliminate upfront deposits. Give customers true peace of mind by not accepting payment until after the job is done to their satisfaction.
  • Provide loophole-free lifetime warranties that cover EVERYTHING—labor, materials, shipping, trip costs—with no exceptions.
  • Have the owner actively involved in every customer’s project to ensure total accountability.
  • Sell only high-quality replacement windows. Provide customers with plenty of options and hire only experienced crews to install the windows.
  • NEVER use sales pressure. Make everything relaxed and provide homeowners with the best information and input, so THEY can ultimately make the decisions.

Dan opened Zen Windows using these core philosophies… and it swiftly became a hit with homeowners. By 2013, the Zen Windows experience became so popular that Dan gave contractors across the U.S. the opportunity to open their own Zen Windows location.

I immediately jumped at the chance to be part of such a revolutionary, customer-first company. So in 2013, I opened Zen Windows Pennsylvania.

Stress-Free, Quality-Assured Window Replacement

Stress-Free, Quality-Assured Window Replacement

Today, there are 32 Zen Windows locations across the country. Since each Zen Windows is run by a trusted local contractor, we’re able to provide the famous Zen Windows process along with high-touch personal service.

I quickly learned that Central PA and Pittsburgh homeowners love the Zen Windows approach. I constantly hear from satisfied customers about how easy it is to work with us. They truly appreciate how we make the entire experience pleasant and free from stress.

I believe you’ll love the Zen Windows approach, too. Visit our Get An Online Quote page, and you’ll see we make getting new windows a breeze right from the start. After you provide a little information about what you want, I’ll personally discuss your project with you, educate you on the best solution, and provide you with a quote the right way: with no pressure, no pricing games, and no stress.


Andrew Zahn

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