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3 Threats to Your Patio Door This Winter

What’s getting your Central PA patio door this winter?

Winter can be a rough season all around. The colder temperatures, winter storms, and shorter hours can take its toll on people, but winter can also be a threat to the exterior of your home, like your windows and your patio door. Whether it’s the cold weather, storms, or simply neglect from the homeowner, your patio door may come out the other side of the season a little worse for wear than it was when you first bought it. Here are three threats that winter could possibly pose to your patio door and what you can do about them.

Exposure to the Elements

Of course the cold and the extreme weather can have an impact on your patio door. Strong winds, freezing rain or hail can all cause damage to your patio door. Even moisture from rain and snow can weaken the performance of the door. If your patio door is largely glass, there’s also window condensation to consider. Without strong insulation, air can leak through the glass and mesh with the hot air inside, causing window condensation to form on the interior glass. This can also weaken the patio door and cause your home to feel rather uncomfortable.

One solution is to replace your patio door with something more durable and energy efficient. Vinyl is a popular choice and when it’s quality vinyl, it can be very durable and storm resistant. Fiberglass is another option that’s both insulating and hardy. The stronger the material, the less likely air will be to leak through it, so that might help your window condensation problem as well. You can also weatherproof your patio door with weatherstripping or compression strips.

Maintenance Neglect

Another threat to patio doors during the winter season is a lack of regular maintenance from the homeowners. It’s easy to keep up with maintenance during the spring and fall seasons, and even summer. In winter, people are more likely to stay inside and tend to have less energy and motivation to do any exterior maintenance. In that time, dirt and debris may start to cake onto the patio door. It could be damaged by storms or the weatherproofing could start to wear down. The performance of the patio door is paramount in those indoor seasons, so make sure that you keep up with maintenance as much as possible, even if it’s just to wipe the door down every now and then.

Unwanted Guests

Everybody wants to stay inside during those cold winter months…and not just people. During winter, you might find bugs and other pests trying to squeeze their way into your home where it’s warmer. If your patio door is weak, it’s that much more likely that bugs will be able to use it to get into your home. They may follow you inside or they may slip through the cracks. Weatherproofing will help this, as will a sturdier, more insulating patio door. Of course, no matter how high the quality of the patio door, you can’t control what you track in with you, but you can invest in bug traps or repellant to keep pests to a minimum.

As the winter season his hard, remember that it’s also hitting your patio door, and your patio door can’t just stay inside and sip some hot cocoa. If you feel your door might not be up to the elements, give Zen Windows PA a call: 717-773-4562 or fill out our online contact form. Our patio doors stop air leakage over 5 times more effectively than our competitors and come in a number of classy styles…that are also incredibly durable. We’d love to help you find a patio door that can stand up to the elements this winter.

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