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5 Things To Ask Lancaster Vinyl Window Companies During Your Quote

Here Are Important Questions To Ask Any Window Company Before You Decide Whether To Hire Them.

When having in-home appointments with vinyl window companies in Lancaster, it’s easy for homeowners not to know what to ask, or forget to ask the salesperson important questions. Not asking the proper questions during a quote can lead to unfulfilled expectations, finger pointing, and spending more money than you want to.

To prep you for any appointments with vinyl window companies in Lancaster, here are five questions you should ask EVERY time:

  1. Does Your Quote Include The Cost Of EVERYTHING?

Why This Is Important To Ask: To make their prices seem lower, some vinyl window companies don’t include everything in their quotes. When you actually enter into an agreement with them and find the price to be higher than you thought, the company will likely respond with, “Sorry, the quote we gave you was an ESTIMATED price only.”

The easiest way to avoid this scenario—and keep money in your pocket—is to ask the window company if their quote is firm when you first receive it. If the company says yes, make sure you get that confirmation in writing. (It’s also good to ask how long their quote is good for—some companies won’t honor their quote if you wait too long to get back with them.)

  1. Will The Owner Be Involved In My Project?

Why This Is Important To Ask: An involved owner shows that a company places extra emphasis on customer satisfaction. When it comes to the outcome of your project, no one has more at stake (aside from you) than the owner of the company. If the owner takes a “hands-on”approach with your project, it demonstrates that the company wants to produce a superior project.

An involved owner doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be on the jobsite with hammer and nail. Accountable owners can personally provide your quote, be your main point of contact, perform a final inspection of the project, and be involved in many other ways. You want to make sure that the owner is invested in your project from start to finish.

  1. Do You Have A List Of References?

Why This Is Important To Ask: A customer reference list reveals a few things about a Lancaster vinyl window company. First, it shows they have customers who are happy enough to say nice things about them to perfect strangers. Second, it demonstrates that they are concerned enough with customer satisfaction to reach out to past customers for honest feedback. And third, it shows they are confident enough in their work that they’ll let potential customers (like you) ask their past customers questions without moderation from the company itself.

  1. Can We Go Over Your Written Warranty?

Why This Is Important To Ask: Window warrantiestend to have a lot of confusing legal language. As such, it’s easy for companies to sneak in exclusions a fine print without the customer knowing. Ask any window company to sit down with you and go over their warranty. Them saying, “Our warranty lasts 50 years and is transferable”is not enough. You want to know EXACTLY what the warranty covers, anything it DOESN’T cover, and if the coverage decreases over time.

  1. Who, Exactly, Will Be Installing My Vinyl Windows?

Why This Is Important To Ask:This is an important question for a variety of reasons. First, you want to know what kind of experience the installers have to see if they are qualified to do the job right. Second, this question reveals the type of relationship a window company has with its installers—if a company provides you with comprehensive info about their installers, it shows the company is invested in its workers. Lastly, it’s just plain good to know about the people you’ll be inviting into your home. Most window installations take only one or two days. But you want to make sure those one or two days are made pleasant with nice, respectful people.

How Zen Windows Answers These Questions

Since our vinyl window quotes are done online, we don’t have in-home appointments. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get answers to the questions above.

You can find many of the answers on our Why Choose Us and Compare Window Companies webpages. And if you want someone to personally provide answers, simply reach out to us via phone or email. We would be honored to answer any and all of your questions about our company. We’re the Lancaster vinyl window company that makes the entire process relaxed and stress free.

Thanks for reading. I look forward to speaking with you!

Andrew Zahn

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