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7 Advantages Of Installing Sliding Glass Patio Doors In Central PA

If you’re considering sliding glass patio doors in Central PA, you’re making an excellent decision. Because of their design and functionality, sliding glass patio doors provide a host of unique benefits for homeowners in Pennsylvania. Let’s take a look at 7 of the biggest benefits you’ll experience.

  1. Better Energy Efficiency

Sliding glass patio doors are excellent insulators. Their design allows them to provide a seal when shut. This helps your home stay the right temperature all year long…and assists in lowering those energy bills.

  1. Excellent Views & Ventilation

Sliding glass patio doors are made mostly of—you guessed it—glass. This allows for beautiful, unimpeded views of the outdoors. When you open your sliding glass patio doors, you’ll experience the crisp, refreshing outdoor air and breezes.

  1. Natural Light

Since sliding patio doors consist mainly of glass, they allow plenty of natural light into your home. Quality sliding patio doors are made with UV-resistant glass to protect from sun damage and prevent fading to your interior furnishings.

  1. Save Space

Due to their design and functionality, sliding glass patio doors are typically more practical than swinging patio doors. Because sliding glass patio doors slide open from the side, they need less space than swinging patio doors. As such, they can be installed in areas where space is at a premium.

  1. Enhanced Security

Today’s best sliding glass patio doors in Central PA come with excellent security features, such as heavy-duty multi-point locking mechanisms and thumb or toe bolts. Today’s sliding patio doors help keep your home and family safer than ever.

  1. Boosted Curb Appeal

Sliding glass patio doors provide flair and elegance. You’ll love the way they look and how they add to your home’s aesthetics. And your houseguests will be impressed at how beautiful your home looks—both inside and out.

  1. Easy Operation

Sliding glass patio doors consist of two paneled sections. One section glides across a track with rollers, while the other section remains fixed.  Quality sliding patio doors provide extremely smooth gliding that makes for easy operation.

About Our Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Our special sliding glass patio doors are beautiful, durable, high-performance, and energy efficient. Here is why Central PA homeowners turn to us when they want sliding glass patio doors:

  • Glass Options: Choose from a wide variety of glass options, including multi-pane, decorative, tempered, and laminated. 
  • Airtight: The air-infiltration rate in our sliding glass patio doors is rated more than five times better than industry standards.
  • A Lifetime Of Great Operation: A heavy-duty rolling system provides a lifetime of smooth gliding. We also protect your investment with a Lifetime Warranty on labor AND materials.
  • Advanced Security: A stainless steel multi-point locking system securely locks your sliding glass patio door into the jamb, making it impossible to unlock from outside. An optional toe or thumb bolt delivers an added layer of security, while a key lock allows you to lock and unlock your patio doors from the outside.
  • Beautiful Accessories & Colors: Eight designer handle options. Three standard colors (Soft-White™, Beige, and Brown), 16 PVC exterior color bond options, and four interior wood grains (Light Oak, Medium Oak, Cherry, and Brazilian Cherry).

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