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Avoid “Chuck in a Truck” Door and Window Replacement Scams

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Have you put off replacing the windows and doors in your home, afraid that you’ll get scammed? It’s reasonable to be cautious when shopping for a home improvement provider. One common trend is the “chuck in a truck,” an individual who usually operates with just a vehicle and a cellphone and offers ridiculously low prices for work. When choosing among window and door companies in Central PA, remember these important tips.

  1. If It Sounds Too Good to Be True, It Probably Is

 Picture this scenario: You hear a knock at the door and find a seemingly friendly chap offering a “free inspection.” After he’s done, he’ll offer you a rock-bottom rate to swap out your doors and windows. Beware this common tactic, as you’ll probably end up with cut-rate products and shoddy workmanship. When he’s done, he’s gone—with your money and with no way to contact him.

  1. Verify Physical Locations and License Numbers

 Reputable window and door companies in Central PA will have physical business locations that you can confirm and visit, along with office telephone numbers. More importantly, they’ll be registered as contractors with the appropriate government licensing agencies. If you can’t get a verifiable physical address or contractor license number out of your unexpected visitor, don’t sign anything and don’t give him your money.

  1. Check Out Each Firm’s Reviews and Ratings

 Here’s one important question that will probably send the “chuck in a truck” away from your door: “Where can I read reviews of your work online?” Legitimate home improvement businesses will be listed with online review sites such as Angie’s List, Yelp! or Houzz. Reputation speaks very loudly, and online reviews are an easy way to figure out if the company performs high-quality work, delivers superior products and ensures its customers are satisfied.

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