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The Benefits of Gas-Filled Windows to Your Central PA Home

Need to keep your Central PA home warm this winter? Try windows with a little gas in them.

Don’t worry. The gas we’re talking about here is completely non-toxic and has no scent. Gas-filled windows typically have small amounts of gas in them, but nevertheless, that little bit of gas in between window panes can make all the difference to your home this winter. Have a draft coming from your windows? Replacement windows with argon or krypton gas fillings can help that. Energy bills rising? Gas-filled windows can save you hundreds this year. There are endless reasons why finding replacement windows that are a little on the gassy side can help your home this winter and in the seasons to come.

How They Work

Argon or krypton gases are frequently added in between panes of double or triple-paned windows as a way of reducing air leakage through the window. The gas thickens the air between panes of glass to slow the cold air that leaks in from outside, stopping that drafty feeling that you might often feel as you pass by an old window in the winter. And gas-filled windows work both ways. In the same way that they stop cold air from getting in, they’ll retard the flow of hot air from escaping the house, making it less likely that you’ll have to turn up the heat to make the difference.

The boost of insulation added by gas-filled windows will help to keep your energy bills low and your home comfortable all through the winter, and it will serve you well in the opposite way in the summer: keeping hot air from leaking in and cold air from getting out. It’s this feature that makes gas-filled windows popular for homeowners in need of replacement windows all over.

Additional Benefits

The solid insulation also protects your window from problems like window condensation which could shorten the life of your window or damage the window frame surrounding it. Window condensation is the formation of condensation on the inside of a window when cold air leaks in and clashes with the warm air inside the home. It can cause mold, structural issues, or it could simply weaken your window. With gas-filled windows, window condensation isn’t a problem so your window can live a long, full life.

The gas fillings also slow the movement of sound waves through the window, soundproofing the room. This can protect you from being woken up an hour earlier than you might have liked to the sound of nearby traffic or particularly chatty birds. In addition to energy savings and temperature control, gas-filled windows can offer your home added comfort in the form of privacy.

Multi-paned windows with gas fillings are a great addition to your home, not just this winter but all throughout the year and for years to come. For quality windows with great efficiency, contact Zen Windows PA. We’re a three time winner of Houzz’s “Best Of” award for client satisfaction, and we were awarded the Best Window Company in PA by The Window Dog. We’re happy to help you find windows that will keep your home comfortable and your energy bills low in any season. Contact us today for more information.

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