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What Do The Best Replacement Windows In Central PA Actually Cost?

Here’s The REAL Scoop On Replacement Window Prices…

Prices for replacement windows in Central PA are all over the map. So we want to set the record straight for proper replacement window costs in the area. Here are the three “tiers” of replacement window pricing, so you can ensure you get the best value for your money:

$189 To $399? Too Good To Be True.

Replacement windows for under $400 might seem like a steal… but the only one doing the “stealing” is the window company selling them.

Windows at these prices may LOOK like they’re quality. But don’t be fooled. These are the windows rental-property managers of low-cost housing typically use when they want to scale back their budget. In other words… they’re cheap quality.

The money you DON’T spend up front will get eaten on the backend due to repairs, poor energy efficiency, and premature replacement.

One more thing: Companies that advertise $189 replacement windows are just trying to get you to call them. The usual tactic is to advertise an extremely low price, and then pull the “bait and switch” during the sales appointment. So those $189 windows you thought you were getting will be three to four times the price.

$1,000 Or More? Keep Your Cash.

The $1,000+ range is reserved for wood windows build for a custom home. But paying this much for vinyl replacement windows in Central PA? That’s just absurd.

Sure, vinyl replacement windows in the $1,000 range will look great, perform well, and be very energy efficient. But so will windows that are half the price! The truth is it that quality vinyl replacement windows simply do not cost enough to manufacture to warrant such a steep price tag. Central PA window companies charging this much for vinyl windows are price gouging—plain and simple.

$449 To 699? Now We’re Talking!

When all is said and done, the best vinyl replacement windows in Central PA should cost between $449 and $699 (depending on the upgrades you choose). This price range will get you peak energy efficiency, performance, and aesthetics for your money.

This price also includes installation. If a Central PA window company quotes you a price per window in this range, you can bet they are honest and fair. These reputable window companies also tend to provide lengthy—even lifetime—warranties on installation, product, or both. This gives you total piece of mind that your investment is protected.

Should You Finance Your Replacement Windows?

Financing your replacement window project can help ensure you get exactly what you want for comfortably monthly payments.

Think of it this way: If your windows cost $8,000, which seems easier to swallow… shelling out that entire $8,000 at once, or dividing the payments into manageable portions of $1,333 over six months (with no interest)? The answer is pretty easy.

To find out more about the benefits of financing, visit our Financing page. We offer a number of flexible financing options. Take a look at them to see if there is an option that appeals to you.

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