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The Best Replacement Windows In Central PA Are NOT The Most Expensive.

Here Is How To Get The Best Replacement Windows…

At The Best Possible Price.

Unless you’re an expert, it can be hard to tell good windows from bad windows simply by looking. So if you don’t do your due diligence, you could wind up buying a sub-par replacement window in Central PA… or paying too much for a good one. And since you’ve likely never purchased replacement windows before, you probably have no idea how to know if you’re getting the best deal.

That’s why we’re here to help.

Below are a couple tips for finding the best replacement windows—at the best price—in Central PA. Follow this advice, and you’ll be in a MUCH better position to get a great deal on superior windows.


Tip #1: Research Prices First Central PA replacement windows

This might seem obvious. But you want to beware not just of replacement windows out of your price range, but also replacement windows BELOW your budget.

We’ll explain. If a company quotes you $400 or less per window (including installation), that’s a bad sign. It’s simply not possible to manufacture, sell, and install QUALITY vinyl replacement windows at such a low price. Replacement vinyl windows that cost $400 or less are almost certainly made with inferior parts. The result is a weak window that performs poorly and has inadequate energy efficiency.

The best vinyl replacement windows in Central PA are priced around $499 to $799, installed. A lot of companies charge more than that for vinyl replacement windows. But in these cases, you’re not getting a better window—you’re just making the company more profit!

Tip #2: Don’t Shop By Brand

Have you ever seen those commercials where a company spokesperson blindfolds someone and has them taste-test their product and the more expensive brand’s product? If so, you know how those commercials always end: the taste-tester either can’t tell the difference between brands, or actually prefers the less expensive brand.

It’s like that with replacement windows.

The truth is that the most well-known (i.e., most advertised) window brands are not always the best. The most expensive? You bet. But the best value? No way.

There is substantially NO difference in looks, performance, energy efficiency, or anything else in a quality replacement window from a “prestigious” window brand and a quality window that costs hundreds of dollars less. The big-name brands simply position their windows as high-end windows to sell to people who want the highest quality and don’t know the difference.

See the numbers in the chart below to get a feel for where all that extra money is going when you buy expensive windows—remember: the window in this example is identical in every important performance category. The extra money goes mainly into ADVERTISING—both on behalf of the manufacturer AND the dealer. So unless you want to foot the bill for as much as $5,000 (for a whole house of windows) in advertising that it took to get you as a customer, you’ll be better off with a less expensive window.

Factor $800 Window $1,200 Window
Manufacturer Cost $175 $140
Manufacturer Markup $120 $225
Dealer Cost $295 $365
Advertising $155 $300
Sales Commissions $100 $180
Installation $115 $125
Dealer Overhead/Profit $135 $230


  • These numbers are for illustration purposes only and are not taken from any specific company or dealer’s exact numbers.
  • Manufacturer markup is higher because the manufacture has to pay for expensive brand-building advertising.
  • Advertising costs more for expensive windows because it takes more prospects to find a customer willing to pay that much.
  • Sales commissions are more because they are based on a percentage of sales, plus the percentage paid is generally higher because they are harder to sell.

How We Guarantee The Best Prices On

The Best Replacement Windows In Central PA

At Zen Windows Central PA , we do thinks A LOT differently than other window companies. Our business model allows us to keep a much lower overhead so we can offer what are GENUINELY the best prices.

Here’s how:

  • Online quotes: We provide firm and accurate ONLINE quotes on superior replacement windows. This means no in-home appointments, no rent-busting showrooms, and no salespeople’s commissions to pay.
  • Exclusive windows: We have a partnership with Soft-Lite windows. They manufacture three lines of vinyl replacement windows exclusively for our company. This allows us to keep costs lower by cutting out middle men.
  • Lean advertising budget: Unlike some companies that sell replacement windows in Central PA, we don’t have a TV or radio ad playing every other second of the day. We keep our advertising budget low to keep our prices low.
  • Pure quality: Simply put… we do the job right the first time, and we sell a product that’s exceedingly high quality. It’s extremely rare that we get service calls for materials or labor. This means we almost never have to use resources, labor, and money to go back and fix something. (And in the unusual circumstance we do, you’re covered by a TRUE Lifetime Warranty on materials and installation).

So if you want the best replacement windows Central PA has to offer—at the best price you’ll find anywhere—Get An Online Quote today!

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