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Which is Best: Vinyl Windows vs. Fiberglass Windows

Vinyl and fiberglass are both promising choices for homeowners looking for durable, inexpensive window that come in a lot of different options. Each have a number of points in their favor, so homeowners who are looking to make an intelligent choice may find themselves unsure which type of window is best for them. In the latest round of vinyl windows vs fiberglass windows in Central, PA, there still is no clear winner. Therefore, rather than try to determine whether fiberglass or vinyl is the superior material, it is often better to see what each type does particularly well.

 Cost: Vinyl windows are usually between 15 – 10 percent cheaper than fiberglass. However, both are usually much less expensive than tradditional materials such as wood or metal.

 Strength: Fiberglass frames are much stronger than vinyl and less likely to warp. This may not be noticeable on smaller windows, but may make a huge difference on larger picture windows.

 Customization: Vinyl windows cannot be painted, whereas fiberglass can. However, vinyl comes in a huge range of colors and designs and is relatively easy to customize, so tons of work after the windows are installed generally isn’t necessary if you choose your windows well.

 Eco-Friendliness: In this category, both types of windows boast strong claims. Vinyl windows tend to be ore energy efficient and less prone to temperature leakage. However, fiberglass are easier to recycle as they are made of mostly glass.

 Resale Value: Due to their higher initial purchase price and durability, fiberglass windows give the home a higher resale value than vinyl. Since vinyl windows can’t be painted, DIY-ers who want to change the color of their new home may also be discouraged.

 When evaluating vinyl windows vs fiberglass windows in Central, PA, consider which one best suits the needs of your home. If you still have questions, Zen Windows can help. Give us a call at 717-756-3956 to get a quote or consultation.

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