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Black & Colored Windows

For the longest time, white was the only color available for vinyl windows. Since white matches everything, limited effort was put into expanding product lines to include window frames that blended into the background. But times have changed, and today there are plenty of options that homeowners can select that more closely match both the interior and exterior of the home.

Vinyl Colors Make Bold Statements

As with the colors chosen for the walls and trim, the color of your windows is a reflection of your personality. The right color is a powerful expression of your interests and the styles that speak to your soul. White, tan, red, and green are perfect for outgoing, expressive personalities, whereas brown, gray, and fossil are more laid back and relaxed. And, for the serious soul with refined tastes and a bold outlook on life, there is always black or almond to create an elegant, refined appearance.

Colored vinyl window frames are a subtle option to enhance curb appeal. As with the trim and other added touches, selecting the right color frame can dramatically improve your home’s appearance. It is an easy way to accentuate design features and ensure your home stands out within the neighborhood. The use of colored vinyl windows is a growing trend, and as of 2019, it was estimated that around 16% of all windows sold in the U.S. incorporated alternate window colors.

Back in Black

It has been over 40 years since AC/DC first uttered that phrase. Since then, times have changed, trends have evolved, people have come, and people have gone. What hasn’t changed is the timeless appeal of the color black. From cars and clothes to buildings and electronics, black is as timeless as the night sky. No longer reserved for office buildings and corporate boardrooms, more and more homeowners are discovering the benefits of adding black window frames to their homes.

In addition to black window frames, black window glass is now an option. It’s ideal for those who enjoy their privacy, as its tint makes it hard to see through. With black glass in your bay window, patio door, or kitchen, you can leave the curtains open as you sing and dance, rest, or relax without worrying about the Joneses peeking in.

Many homeowners with black window glass forego window treatments altogether. With the right tint, there’s really no need for curtains and blinds. Further, black windows provide superior UV protection and can shield the home from solar heat gain, sun fade, and more.

While other trends will evolve and change, black will always be in style. Thus, while black window glass is 10% to 15% more expensive than transparent windows, it’s an investment that won’t lose its value or curb appeal as the years fly by. In fact, you just might become the trendsetter on your block as your neighbors replace their traditional windows to match.

Contact Zen Windows Pennsylvania at 866-516-4396 in Lancaster or (412) 345-3932 in Pittsburgh for more information about colored vinyl window frames. It is our pleasure to answer your questions to help you make the best decision for your comfort.

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