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Can I Replace My Windows in Winter?


Keep Cold Air Out With Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows from Zen

Can windows really be replaced in the winter? Yes! You don’t need to let the colder weather stop you from installing new replacement windows in your Pittsburgh or Central Pennsylvania home. Here are just some of the advantages of replacing your outdated or drafty windows in the latter part of the year.

Fall and Winter Replacement Window Installation

Many people think spring and summer are the ideal time to replace windows. We certainly understand why some homeowners have concerns about starting their window replacement project during the colder months. But here’s why scheduling the work in the fall or winter is such a great idea:

  • Demand is much lower in the winter: When you opt for a cold-weather window replacement project, you can often enjoy a shorter wait time between ordering and installation, as factories have fewer windows to build.
  • You get an immediate energy efficiency boost: New windows increase your home’s energy efficiency when you need it most, during the coldest time of the year.
  • You enjoy lower energy bills: Replacement windows from Zen Windows are designed to keep your home comfortable all winter long while reducing your energy costs.

When scheduling a wintertime installation of their new replacement windows, many homeowners ask us if sealants will settle properly and if insulating foam will expand adequately in colder temperatures. In both cases, the answer is yes. Our skilled technicians use quality materials that can be used to successfully install windows in temperatures as low as -5 degrees Fahrenheit!

Another concern some homeowners have is how to prevent cold outdoor air from entering their homes during installation. Fortunately, our teams know how to get the job done with minimal discomfort to you and your family. For instance, they can seal off each room as they work in it to keep cold air limited to that one space.

Lastly, though severe winter weather conditions can cause delay to a replacement window installation job, our experienced team knows how to keep weather-related complications to a minimum, so your project proceeds as smoothly as possible.

How To Keep Warm Air From Escaping Through Windows

Did you know that just one energy-inefficient window in your home can leak in as much air as if you had a brick-sized hole in the wall? Energy-efficient windows work in several ways to keep your home comfortable during the cold winter months.

  • Argon gas between the panes is extremely effective at keeping heat from passing out through your windows.
  • Quality weatherstripping keeps cold air outside where it belongs.
  • Properly installed windows form a tight seal that keeps air from making its way in behind the window trim.

Other tips for keeping warm air from escaping through your windows during the winter months include installing window insulation film, applying interior and exterior caulking, and installing additional weatherstripping.

Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows Are Always in Season

The truth is, replacing your home’s windows in the fall or winter doesn’t come with any disadvantages compared to a spring or summer installation. In fact, it may make for a better experience all around.

Ready to schedule your replacement window project? Zen Windows Pennsylvania provides the most innovative, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly replacement windows and doors to homeowners throughout Pittsburgh and central Pennsylvania. Our wide array of advanced replacement windows and doors can boost your home’s comfort and appearance, no matter what the time of year!

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