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Casement or Bay: What are the Best Windows for Your Master Bedroom?

Comfort is the most important aspect of your master bedroom. It’s where you start and finish your day. It’s your private oasis to get away from all the pressures of the rest of the world. Even if you can’t afford penthouse style luxury, your master bedroom should still be the most luxurious room in the home. And your windows are a big part of that. Whether it’s showcasing the best views, letting in the best light at the best angle, or helping to control the temperature of the room, it’s important to choose windows that are worthy of your master bedroom.

One of the first choices when it comes to windows for your master bedroom is style. Some styles of windows are suited for master bedrooms more than others. What style suits your bedroom the best?

Bay or Bow

Bay or Bow windows have a classic elegance and offer large, sweeping views of the scenery outside. They’re very similar, with the primary difference being that bay windows typically have three panes whereas bow windows have five panes. Their convex shape can also help a smaller master bedroom feel larger and more spacious. With bay or bow windows, you can set up a window seat for a reading nook or place a few potted plants on the window sill for a homier aesthetic.

Casement Windows

On a beautiful day, it’s nice to be able to open the windows and let in the fresh air and scents from outside. Casement windows are perfect for this sort of effect. Tall and narrow, casement windows are hinged on the side, so they open outward like a door. They have an elegant, airy look that’s perfect for a master bedroom, and when you want to get some fresh air, you can easily open these and enjoy the nice day from your own master bedroom.

French Patio Doors

Of course, this won’t work with all master bedrooms. French patio doors work best for first floor master bedrooms that open up to a nice part of the backyard, or even second story bedrooms with a balcony. If French doors do suit your master bedroom, though, they can be a terrific addition. French doors will combine an open, airy element to the room, one that allows you to conveniently step outside and enjoy the day, with soft, classic style.

It all depends on what you find the most comfortable and stylish. It’s your master bedroom and it should be the perfect place for you. While you’re deciding, come by Zen Windows PA to see the selection of energy efficient, stylish windows that we have to offer, or contact us for a quote. We’re sure we can help you find the best windows for your personal oasis.

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