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Age in Place With New Windows and Doors

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According to AARP, 90 percent of older Americans want to continue living in their own homes as they age. This desire to remain in a lifelong home filled with decades of memories and emotional bonds is frequently referred to as aging in place. Without undergoing a complete renovation, there are a few thoughtful changes that make homes more accessible and comfortable. Installing age-friendly windows and doors are perhaps the most important.

Easy to Open

Postural and mobility issues make it difficult to open windows upwards. By installing casement windows in your Central PA home, these problems are eliminated. Unlike tradditional double-hung windows that open vertically, casement windows open outward by pivoting on side hinges using a crank located on the window sill. This makes it much easier to open the windows, especially those located in hard-to-reach places like above a kitchen sink.

Similarly, replacing tradditional interior and exterior doorknobs with lever handles makes it easier for arthritic hands to open doors. If needed, levers can also be opened using elbows or hips.

Energy Efficient

Environmentally-friendly windows and doors are even more important for seniors living on a fixed income. The energy efficiency of casement windows in Central PA is second only to fixed windows; they are the best operating window on the market. With a tight seal between the sash and the frame, casements boast virtually no air leaks. Homes require less energy to maintain a comfortable temperature year-round.

Natural Light

Ample lighting is more important with age. Natural light streaming through large windows and glass doors makes it easier to see, and also saves money on electricity bills. Consider installing sliding glass doors and enlarging window frames to make your home more functional.

Wider Doors

Older homes often have narrow doorways. Doors measuring at least 36 inches wide comfortably accommodate wheelchairs or walkers, should they be necessary in years to come.

Contact Zen Windows to Learn More

Remodeling your home to enable aging in place is a wise investment. For more information on wide doors and casement windows in Central PA that can make your home safer and more accessible, contact us by phone or via email.

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