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Central PA Homeowners: How To Know When The Time Is Right For Replacing Your Home’s Windows

Want To Know If Replacing Your Windows Is The Best Option? Here Are 5 Ways To Tell…

It can be tough to decide whether it’s time to replace your home’s windows. Central PA homeowners often have to assess a variety of factors to determine if replacement is the most beneficial option for their homes and budgets.

What are these factors, exactly? While there is no set guideline, there are a few telltale signs it’s time to upgrade your windows. Let’s take a look at five of them…

You’ve had the same vinyl windows since the Reagan administration

Different window materials have different lifespans. Here is a general rule of thumb on window longevity:

Aluminum Windows: 15-20 years

Wood Windows: 30 years (if maintained properly)

Vinyl Windows: 20-40 years (with minimal maintenance)

The material from which your window is made will determine how long it lasts. If you’ve had the same wood windows since 1989, they’ll have developed a number of problems over the past few decades. They’ll likely be worn down, losing performance, and letting in drafts. The same goes if you’ve had the same aluminum windows since 2003 or the same vinyl windows since 1980.

A big storm recently passed through

If a big wind or hail storm has rolled through your town recently, it may have damaged your windows. This damage can come in the form of cracks, scrapes, or chipped paint. The damage can also be hidden—a heavy storm can weaken an old window’s seal or cause internal damage to the frame. If your home feels draftier (or your energy bills seem higher) in the months following a big storm, you may want to have your windows assessed by a trustworthy professional. They can determine the problem and provide expert advice on the best course of action to take.

Your house feels drafty

Does your home feel a little… “breezier” lately? If so, it could be because of your windows. Even if your windows still seal tightly when shut, that cold air could be coming in through other areas of the window. The glass in your windows may not be insulated well enough. Or the R-value of your windows’ frames may be insufficient.

You can also tell if your windows are inefficient if there is condensation on the inside of your windows during a cold Pennsylvania day. This is not normal—an energy efficient window will not allow condensation build up. So if you’re experiencing foggy windows, you should strongly consider replacing your windows in the near future.

Your energy bills are high

Replacement windows have made tremendous strides in energy efficiency in the past decade. From triple pane glass to insulated spacers to low-e gas between glass panes, today’s windows provide a number of features that will greatly reduce your energy consumption (and utility bills!). If you have older windows, they likely don’t have the many state-of-the-art energy features modern windows do. In this case, your windows may be ballooning your energy bills by hundreds of dollars per year.

You’re selling your home soon

Replacing home windows has one of the highest returns on investment of any remodeling project in Central PA.  Replacing your windows before selling it is a fantastic way to increase market value. Prospective buyers doing a walk-through of your home will be more likely to buy if they see you’ve installed beautiful new windows. You’ll end up selling your home more quickly and for more money (win-win!).

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