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Concerned About Replacement Window Cost In Central PA? Consider Financing.

What You Need To Know About Financing

Replacement Windows… And If It’s The Right Choice For You.

Central PA homeowners have a variety of options for paying for replacement windows. Some people prefer to pay cash. Some favor a credit card. And others prefer to cut a personal check. But no matter how you’re thinking of covering the cost of your replacement windows, you should always consider financing. Even if you have the money to pay up front.

That may sound a little strange. But think about this: If your project costs $8,000, which seems more pleasant… paying that entire $8,000 at once, or splitting the payments into manageable chunks of $1,333 over six months (with no interest)?

This is just one example; quality replacement window companies typically offer a variety of financing options for different budgets and situations. So when considering financing the cost of replacement windows in Central PA, you have a few important factors to research, including the following…

  • What is a monthly payment you are comfortable with… and for what length of time?
  • What are the interest rates (if applicable) the company is offering? Are the rates reasonable?
  • Can you finance this through a home improvement loan?
  • Is the interest payment tax deductible?
  • How long before the payments start?

What A Replacement Window Quote Should Include…


When considering financing your replacement windows, be sure the quote you receive contains an itemized list of what you are paying for. A specific, in-depth written quote can help you determine which payment option is best for you.

An exact price for complete replacement window installation should include the following:

  • The cost of material and ancillary installation materials, such as caulk, trim, extra insulation, etc.
  • All upgrades and options, such as low-e glass, gas insulation, and fiberglass frame wrap.
  • The removal of storm windows or existing windows.
  • The cost of trim work, if applicable.
  • A cost for clean up, including disposal of your old windows.
  • A clear explanation of the warranties and who is responsible for the warranty work.

No additional costs should arise after the contractor has inspected the window opening and taken exact measurements. If an unforeseen issue comes up after the job begins, the contractor should provide a separate quote. You can then choose to accept the additional cost or find another contractor to do the additional work. (However, because of the complexity of window jobs, it is best to have only one contractor responsible for the overall project. This will ensure the validity of all warranties and guarantees that apply to the initial agreement.)

The Next Step…

If you’d like to know more about financing the cost of replacement windows in Central PA, get in touch with us or explore our Financing page. In addition to our firm, 5-Minute Online quotes, we also offer flexible financing options that can make your project investment comfortably affordable.


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