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Crafting Beauty In Small Outdoor Spaces

garden windows Central PA

Spending time outdoors is one of life’s best pleasures; gardeners have known this for generations. If you have a garden space, then you probably want to keep it looking beautiful from every angle. Crafting outdoors spaces is especially nice if you can frame the vista with lovely garden windows in Central PA. Zen Windows is here to help you create picture perfect views of your favorite garden or other outdoor space.

Consider Tradditional Touches

Many gardeners are inspired by tradditional decorative touches. This can include:

  • Victorian reflective orbs
  • Wrought iron benches
  • Arched trellises
  • Birdbaths
  • Sculpted angels, cherubs, gnomes, and fairies

Even small spaces can be considerably enhanced with the help of a single wrought iron table and chair. Arched trellises and plant growth supports let you take advantage of vertical space while cultivating your favorite flowers and vegetables.

Modern Tastes for Today

If an old fashioned garden fails to spark your creativity, there are many modern ideas that work very nicely in small spaces. Terraced gardening is a great way to maximize the effectiveness of your water while heightening visual interest. Decorative grasses, native plants, and xeriscape strategies are other modern gardening touches that can be surprisingly appealing in gardens of any size. Of course, a comfortable bench or chair is always a welcome feature.

Bird feeders mounted on posts and sleek, unobtrusive birdbaths are other features found in modern gardens. These are nice because birds help control the insect population, which in turn helps plants to flourish free from pests that prey on them. Many people enjoy watching the birds from their kitchen or dining room windows; this is a pleasant way to spend a morning or evening.

Improve Your Windows With Ease

Zen Windows provides doors and garden windows to Central PA homeowners. Our high quality products add distinction and elegance to any home and we are happy to help you find the perfect solution. Contact us today by calling 866-516-4396 (Lancaster) or (412) 345-3932 Pittsburgh.




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