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Getting Windows For Your House In Central PA? Always “Go With Your Gut.”

If Something About A Window Salesman Doesn’t Seem Right, Science Says Your Gut Instinct Is On To Something.

Need windows for your house in Central PA? If so, you’re probably not looking forward to dealing with pushy window salesmen.

You’re not alone. Most homeowners feel a sense of unease when talking to a window salesman. And with good reason.

The “gut feeling” or “inner voice” you experience when something feels wrong is scientifically established. It’s actually your subconscious raising a warning flag. If your subconscious feels that something is “off,” it will warn you to either “Advance with caution” or “Run away immediately!”

Here are four age-old sales tactics window salesmen use that will make your gut “sound the alarm”:

#1. Discounts “Approved By The Manager”

If you tell a window salesman his price is too high, he may “make a phone call” to his manager to “get permission” to quote you a lower price.

Don’t fall for it.

This tactic is used to make you feel like you’re getting special treatment. They want you to think you are winning the negotiation. In actuality, the salesman actually inflated the original quote. So when the salesman comes back and says, “Great news, my manager approved your discount,” the new quote is actually the original price of the windows.

#2. Time-Sensitive Quotes

If a window salesman claims the price he quotes is good for “today only,” he’s just trying to get you to buy right then and there.

Stop and think about it. Why is the price good for today only? Why won’t it be good tomorrow? Or next week? There isn’t one.

A principled window company won’t force you to buy immediately. They understand that replacing your windows is a big decision and that you need space to weigh your options.

#3: The “Cardiac” Quote

This is related to the first point. A Cardiac Quote is when a window salesman gives an extremely high initial quote (thus making your heart skip a beat).

For instance, the salesman may quote you $1,300 on a $799 window. If you say no, he’ll lower the price to around $1,100. You know, to make it SEEM like you’re getting a deal.

At that point, you can either say yes (in which case, the salesman makes an extra profit) or no. Say no again, and the salesman may reduce the price one more time—this time to the $799 price the window is supposed to be in the first place.

#4: Floating High Prices

One sales tactic is to tell you what the company USED to sell their windows for.

For example: “In 2016, we charged $1,250 for this window, and it sold like gangbusters.” So when the salesman quotes you a price below $1,250, it will appear as if you’re getting a deal. The reality, however, is that the company NEVER sold the window for that price. (And if they did, it definitely wasn’t selling like “gangbusters.”)

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