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How We Sell “Lamborghini” Quality Windows & Doors In Central PA At “Honda” Prices

There Are Literally 1,000-Plus Lines Of Windows On The Market.

But Only One Brand Offers The Rare Combo Of Pure Quality At Reasonable Prices.

A question I sometimes get from homeowners looking for windows and doors in Central PA is this: “How can you possibly quote me such a low price for windows/doors at such high quality?”

Today, I’ll explain.

There are over 400 window manufacturers in the United States. Together, those manufacturers make over 1,000 different window lines.

As an independent window and door company in Central PA, we have the freedom to sell any of these brands and lines. Simonton, Pella, JELD-WEN, Milgard… they’re all fair game.

But when Zen Windows started, we didn’t just want to sell the windows with the most brand recognition. Or the ones that would that would net us the highest profits margins.


Our standard was simple: Find the absolute best window at the absolute best value.

After our exhaustive, country-wide hunt, we found the one window manufacturer that met our standards: Soft-Lite.

If you’ve never heard of Soft-Lite, I wouldn’t be surprised. Unlike “big-name” window and door

manufacturers that plaster their names everywhere with big-bucks advertising budgets, Soft-Lite focuses on one thing: Making flat-out amazing vinyl windows and doors. (Read this post to see where your money REALLY goes when you buy a “big-name” brand.)

But that doesn’t mean they’re a window company to overlook. Here are some facts about Soft-Lite:

•  Since 1953, they’ve manufactured millions of vinyl windows and doors.

•  Their replacement windows are recognized as Energy Star “Most Efficient Products” and are Gold Label-certified by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association.

•  They guarantee all of their windows and doors for life.

•  And since they don’t have a giant advertising budget, they can keep their prices lower while ensuring their quality is HIGHER.

Bottom Line: Soft-Lite has an impeccable track record because they focus on what REALLY matters—building superior windows and doors. Everything else is secondary.

When we found out the modest prices Soft-Lite charged for such high quality, our collective jaws hit the floor. Here was a window manufacturer that focused on crafting superior windows and doors—and refusing to charge a penny more than what’s fair.

Years ago, Zen Windows approached Soft-Lite about selling their windows and doors. Not only did they agree to let us sell their products… they loved our company philosophy so much that they built Zen its OWN exclusive lines of windows and patio doors!

Because of our exclusive deal with Soft-Lite and the superior quality of their products, we’re able to sell “Lamborghini” Quality windows and doors at “Honda” prices.

Bottom Line: It’s true that you can find windows of similar quality to ours out there. But definitely NOT for the same reasonable prices.

Want The Best Windows And Doors In Central PA… At “Honda” Prices?

If you’re in the market for superior windows and doors in Central PA, Get An Online Quote today. I’ll personally provide you with a 100% firm and accurate quote on the best windows or doors for your situation and budget.

Talk to you soon!

Andrew Zahn


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