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Ideas to Get Your Patio Ready for Entertaining

sliding patio doors

The chance to spend time outdoors is one of the most exciting parts of warm weather. May homeowners have a goal to get their patio ready for grilling, entertaining, or simply hanging out with the family. Check out these home improvement tips that will help beautify your patio for use in rain or shine.

Get a New Door: A new patio door is a quick way to give your outdoor and indoor area a makeover. Sliding patio doors in Central, PA come in a variety of styles, from tradditional to modern to posh, so you are sure to be able to find one that matches your existing decor.

 Expand Your Seating Area: Don’t group all your patio seating together. If your yard or patio area is large, make use of underutilized space to set up clusters of tables and chairs. These are a welcome addition when entertaining larger groups of friends.

 Change Up the Lighting: Restaurants with outdoor dining area make use of twinkly chain lights to maximize space when lighting a large area. There’s no reason you can’t do this at home as well. Strings of lights allow you to get light to the far corners of your patio without much effort.

 Consider Color Palettes: Patios are meant to be the place you relax after a hard day or have a low-key gathering with close friends. The colors and designs you choose for patio furniture and accessories should match this chill vibe. Consider minimalist designs in neutral color palettes for a relaxing outdoor setting.

 Go Upscale: Upscale houses need more expensive patios. Ditch the plastic lawn furniture and vinyl blinds on the patio door. Invest in a more expensive look for your patio to match the exterior of your home.

 Zen Windows can help you find the perfect sliding patio doors in Central, PA. Give us a call today at Call 717-773-4562 or 412-345-8220 to get a consultation or check us out online to see our stock.

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