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Myth, Busted: Why Quality $189 Replacement Windows In Pittsburgh Don’t Exist

Is $189 A “Too Good To Be True” Price For A GOOD Replacement Windows In Pittsburgh?

Yes. Yes, It Is.

If you’re shopping around for replacement windows in Pittsburgh, there is no doubt you’ve come across windows advertised for $189.

While this might seem like a great way to get new windows while saving some money, watch out—this is a classic “bait-and-switch” scheme use to lure homeowners into setting a sales appointment.

Here are the FACTS about $189 replacement windows in Pittsburgh.

$189 windows are a “get-a-foot-in-the-door” tactic.

Let’s be honest. A replacement window project isn’t exactly a small investment. So when you see a window advertised for $189, you’re rightfully going to want to check it out.

Window companies know this. They bank on your desire to be frugal. So they advertise rock-bottom prices on their windows ONLY to get you to set an appointment. Once sales-appointment day arrives? That’s when things change.

This leads us to the next item on the list…

$189 is the absolute bare-minimum base price.

Here is an actual online complaint from a homeowner who set an in-home appointment with a company advertising $189 windows:

$189 windows are a “get-a-foot-in-the-door” tactic

Short. To the point. And tells you everything you need to know.

To advertise a $189 price, companies neglect to factor in all of the components that make a quality window.They don’t include glass packages, design options, finishes, and so on.

It would be like Cadillac advertising their $63,000 CT6 for $5,000—yet failing to mention it does not come with an engine, wheels, transmission, seats, steering wheel, radio, and brakes. You find that out ONLY after you’ve sat down with a salesman (who will then pressure you into paying the full $63K).

If you set an in-home sales appointment for $189 windows, don’t be surprised when the salesman quotes you a price four to six times higher.

On occasion, the windows really are $189—but they’re REALLY low quality.

Occasionally, you WILL actually find replacement windows in Pittsburgh for $189 a pop. But 10 times out of 10, these windows are going to be the lowest of the low in terms of quality.

Simply put, window companies cannot make quality windows for these prices. As a result, corners get cut on both materials and manufacturing. The frames in these windows are made with a lot of cheap filler material and contain glass with ZERO energy-efficiency features. And due to the low quality of the parts, these windows probably won’t last you more than six or seven years.

Bottom line: You actually SAVE money by avoiding $189 windows.

So, how do you ensure you get the BEST replacement windows in Pittsburgh… without overpaying?

You can start by reading our blog post, What Do The Best Replacement Windows In Pennsylvania Actually Cost? The candid answers it contains will give you a good foundation for window prices in the area.


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