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Why You Need High Quality Vinyl for Your Replacement Windows

Not all vinyl is created equal. Vinyl is often a favorite choice for replacement windows, because of its affordability and low maintenance quality. Vinyl doesn’t need to be painted, and for its affordability it has great thermal resistance. However, many homeowners who invest in cheap vinyl later find themselves regretting it.

Lucky that at Zen Windows, we don’t sell cheap windows. Our Lotus window is the “Rolls Royce” of vinyl windows. It offers high density comfort foam in the frame and fiberglass reinforcement for added durability and insulation. The heavy duty locking mechanisms make it incredibly weatherproof, especially handy during winters like this. Lotus comes in an endless variety of styles and sizes for your benefit. But why put out the extra money for all those fancy additions when you can spend much less on ordinary vinyl windows? Here’s why we recommend you invest in high quality vinyl when searching for window replacements.

Longer Lifespan

Cheap vinyl windows might start out seemingly durable and sleek, but over time, the quality starts to fade. Vinyl windows, when exposed to the elements, can warp, tear, even melt. While they never have to be painted, the quality of their natural color can fade, especially for cheap vinyl replacement windows. In central PA, cheap vinyl windows last for about 10-15 years, but some can last as short a time as 3-5 years. High quality vinyl can last anywhere between 20-40 years, particularly when supported with even stronger materials. The more quality that’s put into the color and style of the window, the longer it’s likely to stay that way, too.

Energy Efficiency

Vinyl typically has good thermal resistance, but it can allow cold air to leak through on cold winter nights, especially when it’s the cheap stuff. Air leakage can cause drafts or window condensation to form in your home, and it can run up your heating bill. That’s why the Lotus window is not only more energy efficient, but comes with a stronger, reinforced insulation. Comfort foam, fiberglass reinforcement, and tight locking mechanisms all keep the seal of these windows strong so that cold air doesn’t have a chance to get in. And triple pane glass makes it the highest thermal performance possible with vinyl windows.

Resale Value

Cheap vinyl windows don’t really add much to your home, and when you sell your home, prospective buyers will likely feel the same way. If you’re looking for a ROI, vinyl windows aren’t usually the best way to get it. But the Lotus window is one of the more high-end windows on the market, not just when it comes to vinyl but windows in general. With so much energy efficiency and insulation, you’ll be able to save hundreds on your energy bills, and the next owners fo your home will be willing to pay extra for the quality of your windows.

Sure, vinyl can be cheap, but when it comes to your home, you don’t want cheap quality. Instead, go straight for the best. Contact us today at Zen Windows PA for more information about our Lotus windows.

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