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Why You Need a Professional for Your Patio Door Project

We like to think we can do it all ourselves: TV repair, furniture building, and yes, home improvement projects like patio door installations. Certainly, it’s cheaper for homeowners to install patio doors on their own, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best idea. It’s one thing if you’re a contractor yourself, and you have previous experience installing patio doors. But most homeowners don’t. For most, their first time taking on a project like this is in their own home.

There’s a lot that could go wrong, sometimes more than you might expect. The door might be too large or too small. Glass could break, the door frame could become damaged, hinges or the track can become jammed. A patio door contractor will know exactly what to do in these situations, and can repair it at no extra cost to you. Even if you’re a capable contractor, it helps to have the help of an expert on your side.

Expert Installation

With patio door installations, everything has to be precise. If the door is one centimeter off in size, it won’t fit in the door frame, or it could lead to drafts and energy loss (especially now that the outside temperatures have started to drop). The door has to be securely installed to hold up to the elements and last for years to come. All the best tools and materials have to be used. This is no problem for a contractor. They install windows, doors, and patio doors every day, so by now it’s second nature. They can ensure that you have an accurate installation with a tight seal so you can enjoy your new patio door without a ramp up in costs.


You can’t exactly just tie your patio doors to the top of your car and drive them home–or at least, you shouldn’t. Transporting materials for the patio door installation can be a hassle, and sometimes if you don’t have the right transportation, it can be nearly impossible. You can rent a truck, of course, but that will add to the cost of your patio door installation. On the other hand, contractors have their own trucks, built for transporting construction materials like your patio doors and all the tools they need. There’s no extra fee for transportation–it just factors into the whole cost at the end of the installation.


The biggest appeal of DIY for most homeowners is cost. The theory is that it’s cheaper to DIY home improvement projects because you just have to buy the materials rather than paying the contractor. That might be true–if everything goes according to plan. There are a few costs that many homeowners forget to factor in. Transportation, as mentioned above, is a big one. Another cost that could become a problem is damage during the installation. If the patio door breaks during the installation, or doesn’t fit, or causes damage to the frame or track of the door, there’s no recourse for the DIY installer but to get new materials.

Contractors, on the other hand, are typically insured. Not only is damage less likely to occur because of their expertise with the project, but if it does occur, their insurance covers it and the homeowner will never experience an uptick in cost.


We all have lives, and the time and effort involved in a DIY patio door installation can take a considerable chunk out of your regular schedule. Buying all the materials, getting them home, installing the door, cleaning up–it can take hours, especially if you don’t have previous experience. It can also be stressful, particularly when you run into problems that you hadn’t expected. With the help of a contractor, all the stressful work is taken out of your hands. You can sit back, or even go out, while the contractor installs your door. The work will be done much more quickly, as well, with someone who has years of experience.

If you’re thinking of having a patio door installed, consider hiring a professional to help the process go more smoothly. Zen Windows PA has an expert installation crew committed to the highest standards of quality and customer service. Our crews are very respectful of your home and will make the project as comfortable as possible. Contact us today to learn more about the patio doors we have available and for a quote on patio door installation.

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