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The Perfect Windows for Your Home’s Architectural Style

Like likes like. Or, sometimes, opposites attract and complement each other. When it comes to finding the right windows for your home’s style, it all depends on the look you’re going for. You might want to play on a classic or create a look that’s entirely new. Your choice in windows can boost your curb appeal and enhance your favorite elements of your home’s design…or it can clash and leave your neighbors and guests confused. It’s important to choose styles that work together, even if it’s not in the conventional sense. Here are some of our favorite windows for these architectural styles.


A Tudor style home can look like a step into history. Even if it’s the only Tudor style home on the street, there’s a classic sort of elegance to these homes, which is the very reason they haven’t gone out of style in 500 years. You can amplify the authentic, historical feeling with casement windows that open from the side, much like the windows that were popular at the time. These windows are often flat against the house, but a more angular bay window can add a nice touch to the home’s style, as well. Add diamond-shape lattice onto each window to complete the look and it will be hard not to imagine Shakespearean performances and courtly gowns on the other side of the door.


For a modern style, minimalism is key. Everything is angular and clean, with as few lines as possible. Sliding patio doors can give a modern style home the open, airy feeling it needs. Awning windows placed high on the wall in a clerestory fashion give off a sleek look while filling the room with natural light. Tall casement or picture windows in the living room are also a good fit for the modern style, especially with thin, unnoticeable window frames.


Craftsman or bungalow style homes are cozy and tradditional, so windows that give off that same feeling work best. The classic double-hung windows work best with a craftsman home, often at least partly latticed. Small, strategically placed picture windows or awning windows can also add a homey touch to a craftsman house. One way to add to the window style is with the use of exterior wood shutters or a small planter installed just in front of the exterior of the window.


Farmhouses were often influenced by colonial and victorian home styles. These homes are large and stately, and bay or bow windows make an elegant statement that’s perfect for both the American farmhouse or either of the preceding styles. Your windows for this home should make as much of an impression as the architecture itself. Latticed double-hung windows with exterior shutters are also a popular choice. A picture window facing out of the attic can top off the style of these homes nicely.


Shingle style homes combine the classic and the whimsical, and their windows should do the same. Windows of different shapes, like round picture windows, are a terrific addition to a shingle home. Here again, it’s hard to go wrong with the classic choice of a double-hung window, and casement windows are popular complements to shingle style homes as well. Windows are a critical part of the design of a shingle style home–make sure your windows are as quirky and intriguing as the home itself.

Whatever your home’s architectural style, at Zen Windows PA, we have windows that will bring out the best in it. Not only will they add style to your home, but energy efficiency and insulation for years to come. Contact us today for more information about the best windows for your home, whatever your style may be.

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