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Should I Replace the Glass or Replace the Whole Window?

“Should I replace the glass or replace the whole window?” I just got off the phone with someone in Lancaster County who wanted advice on this issue. After talking with them about the pros and cons to each technique, I thought I’d post a few thoughts below.

Pros to Replacing the Glass in a Window

Less Expensive: It’s less expensive to replace the glass rather than replace the whole window. Because the frame of the window isn’t disturbed as it is with an entire window replacement, it is often less cost associated with this method.

Maintains Existing Look: If you like the basic color and style of your windows, replacing the glass helps to maintain the existing design. This is often very important specifically in extremely old homes or when properties are located in a Historic District.

Faster Installation: Custom replacement windows take a minimum of around two weeks to manufacture. The manufacturing times are often longer than two weeks when a custom exterior color is added to the windows. Unique specifications such as dual color grids extend this time even further. By replacing the glass with single pane glass or an insulated glass unit (IGU), the manufacturing time is quicker.

Whether you replace the glass or replace the whole window you want to ensure the issue will no surface again. Here are some negatives to just replacing the glass.

Cons to Replacing the Glass in a Window

Limited Warranty: Depending on the company you choose, there may be a very short warranty for the glass. Make sure that if you spend money on a repair that it’s covered in the long run. If you’re just looking for a quick fix, a warranty probably isn’t a concern. If you plan on living in the property for any length of time, you might consider whole window replacement.

Continued Issues: When a whole widow is not replaced, the cause of the issue that make the glass to fail still exists. When a window frame (or wall) caused the glass to crack or caused a seal failure on an IGU, merely replacing the glass may not correct the issue. You may end up having to replace the glass again if it fails repeatedly

Looks the Same: Replacing the glass is a great fix if the glass is the only issue. But if you’re looking to give the exterior and interior of your home an updated look, you may want to get a quote for window replacement.

If you’re not sure if you should replace the glass or replace the whole window and want more info, contact us here. We’d be happy to give you some ideas and options.


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