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Get Replacement Windows with the Best Screens Available

Replacement Window Screens that are easy to remove

Look… we’ll make this short and sweet: you may want to spend a little bit more (think $40-$60 per window) to get better screens.

If you’ve ever struggled to remove window screens, consider the alternative in the video below.

Here are a few advantages of the Zen Windows Flexscreen.


Some screens are incredibly difficult to remove with various springs, pins and locking mechanisms. As seen in the video above, the flexscreen requires no tools to remove and has virtually nothing to go wrong with installation or removal.


Many screens have aluminum or metal frames that are nearly an inch thick. These frames can reduce the viewable glass area of your widows and obstruct the view.

Using a flexscreen that fits right into the track hides the entire frame of the screen, allowing for more glass space. We think you should see THROUGH the glass without seeing screen frames.


Flexscreens boast the following:

  • DENT RESISTANT: FlexScreen is a very durable screen; it’s made of PVC coated, carbon enriched, spring steel.
  • BREAK RESISTANT: Throw it, drop it, abuse it, even run it over with your car! The frame won’t dent or break–they’ve even been tested by running over with a car–and they still come out unscathed!
  • SCRATCH RESISTANT: The frame is powder coated and resists scratching. It also provides protection for all the elements in any season.


The Zen Windows flexscreen is available on all double hung replacement windows and all double and triple slider windows. With a price point of just $60 to $60 extra per window, it’s well worth the investment.

To get your quote started, contact us here or fill out our online quote form and note that you’d like Flexscreens added to your window quote!

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