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Replacing Home Windows In Pittsburgh? Here Are 4 Things Window Companies Probably Won’t Tell You…

Exposing The Secrets The Window Industry Likes To Keep “Hush-Hush.”

If you’re replacing your home’s windows in Pittsburgh, you want to make sure you get ALL the facts. Being as informed as possible will allow you to make the best buying decision for your specific situation and budget.

Unfortunately, there are some “secrets” in this industry that window companies don’t always like to divulge to potential customers. Why? Because it may affect your decision to hire them.

I’m the complete opposite. I’d rather provide Pittsburgh homeowners like you with all the facts—it’s the only way for you to make the best possible choice for your replacement window project.

So I’m pulling back the curtain. Here are 4 industry “secrets” many replacement window companies won’t tell you…

  1. In-Home Appointments? Not Necessary.

Homeowners believe in-home window quotes are necessary, so the company can assess and measure the project area. In reality, window companies don’t need to measure your current windows to provide an accurate quote.

Literally all a window company needs to know is…

  1. How many windows you want
  2. What kind of windows you want (double hung, casement, etc.)
  3. Style options you want (grids, colors, and so on)

That’s it.

The size of the window doesn’t actually matter. A window company pays essentially the same amount to the manufacturer no matter how big or small the window is.

So… what’s with the two-hour in-home appointments that window companies “require”? It’s simply so they can get a foot in the door and sell you face to face. (It’s much harder to say no to someone in person.)

  1. There Is A Right Price For Windows.

When replacing your home’s windows in Pittsburgh, be careful not to go “cheap” on inferior windows… or overpay for quality ones.

There is, in fact, a right price for the highest quality replacement windows in Pittsburgh. Replacement windows in the sub-$400 range are typically low quality; replacement windows that cost $1,000 or more are either WAY overpriced or made of custom wood specifically for a custom home.

If you want the best performance, energy efficiency, and curb appeal—without overpaying—look for vinyl replacement windows in the $499 to $699 range. This is the cost range that allows a company to sell superb windows for a fair price. If a company quotes you this price range for quality windows, it means they make a profit without getting greedy.

  1. Financing Can Be Your Best Friend.

When replacing your home’s windows, financing may be your best option… even if you have the cash to pay for your project all at once.

Think about it. If your project costs $8,000, which seems more pleasant…

  1. Paying the $8,000 all at once?
  2. Or splitting the payments into manageable chunks of $1,333 over, say, six months with zero interest?

For most homeowners, “B” is the more comfortable option.

Why? Emergencies happen. Someone without insurance rear-ends you. Your dog eats one of your socks and needs surgery. Your daughter’s college textbooks cost three times what you thought. In other words: You never know if and when you’ll need to withdraw a large sum of money from your account. So it’s good to always have cash on hand.

  1. Lifetime Warranties Don’t Always Mean “Lifetime.”

Having a lifetime warranty on your windows sounds great, doesn’t it? It gives you a good feeling because you know your windows are ALWAYS protected.

Window companies know this provides homeowners peace of mind. And that’s why some of them advertise lifetime warranties.

Unfortunately, sometimes these lifetime warranties don’t measure up to scrutiny. When you read the actual warranty, you may find some or all of the following:

  • Pro-rating, which means what the warranty covers decreases over time
  •  Trip charges
  • Labor exclusion
  • Broken glass exclusion

When you read a window companies warranties, go over it meticulously. Review it with your salesperson. Ask them if there are any exclusions. Have them clarify any language in the warranty that you don’t understand. You want to be certain that any and all problems are covered.

Replacing Home Windows In Pittsburgh? Do This Next…

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Thank you!

Andrew Zahn

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