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Save Hundreds of Dollars Per Year With Energy-Smart Windows


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If you’re on the fence about swapping out your old windows, consider this: ENERGY STAR estimates that the average homeowner can save up to $465 per year by replacing your old windows and patio doors with energy-efficient versions. Why leave that much money on the table? Every eco-smart home improvement you choose slashes more off your annual heating and cooling expenses, but the key is choosing the right products! Not sure what makes a window or patio door “energy smart”? Before you contact your vendor for vinyl patio doors and windows in Central PA, look at this handy guide to performance measures for energy efficiency.

Check Your Windows’ U-Factor

 For the last several years, the U-factor has served as a standard for rating each window’s energy efficiency. Simply put, it’s a measure of how well a window insulates and the amount of heat transfer it permits. The lower the U-factor number, the less heat it permits to escape from your home. For central Pennsylvania, ENERGY STAR recommends windows with a U-factor of 0.27 or less. For superior heating and cooling savings, aim for 0.25 or less.

Don’t Ignore Your Patio Doors, Either

 When shopping for vinyl patio doors and windows in Central PA, people often examine the U-factor of their windows but forget about their patio doors. That’s an easy mistake to make, but keep in mind ENERGY STAR’s recommendations for residential patio doors, too. It bases U-factor performance criteria on the amount of glass, or glazing level, a patio door possesses:

  • Opaque patio doors: 0.17 or below
  • Patio Doors with at least ½-Lite glazing: 0.25 or less
  • Patio Doors with glazing levels less than ½-Lite: 0.30 or below

 Zen Windows PA specializes in painless- hassle-free installation of vinyl patio doors and windows in Central PA. Why not trust a reputable company that’s won service awards from Angie’s List and Houzz? Start the process by taking advantage of our easy five-minute quotes! Give us a call today at 717-773-4562.



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