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Why You Shouldn’t Pay A Central PA Window And Door Company A Dime Until The Job Is Done.

YOU Are Spending The Money.

So You Should Pay Only When YOU Are Satisfied.


Almost all window and door companies in Central PA require a down payment before they begin your project. It’s “par for the course,” so most homeowners don’t really think about why. They just accept it.


But think about it for a second. Why, exactly, are you giving them money?


  • Do you pay a restaurant before they bring you your meal?


  • Do you pay your stylist or barber before they cut your hair?


  • Do you pay your masseuse before they work their magic on your sore muscles?


No, no, and no.




Because your payment depends on your satisfaction.


If you don’t like your meal… or your haircut… or your massage… you have the right to express your dissatisfaction. In these instances, the service provider (if they’re reputable) will bend over backward to make things right. And since you haven’t paid any money, you risk nothing.


This SHOULD be the arrangement in the window and door industry. Unfortunately, you typically have to pay anywhere from 20% to 50% up front before the company will lift a finger. You’re essentially paying the company thousands of dollars for their permission to start your project.


That doesn’t seem right, does it?


Not only is it not right… it’s risky. Handing over thousands of dollars to a window and door company up front can lead to disaster. To find out why, keep reading…


3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Pay A Deposit To

Any Central PA Window And Door Company… Ever.


  • They May Be On Financially Shaky Ground. Some contractors use your deposit to pay for the materials for your project. This is a bad sign. A company that is financially stable will have enough cash to pay for the materials and labor themselves. Companies that are essentially making you foot the bill for materials may not be in business long enough to service any problems you may have in the near future.


  • They May Run Off With It. This sounds like an extreme circumstance. But it happens more often than you think. Here are some news stories about contractors stealing deposits:




Do a quick internet search, and you’ll find horror stories like these all over the place.


  • Nothing Has Been Done Yet! Think of it this way. You are essentially employing the contractor to perform a service for you. When is the last time your employer paid you part of your salary up front? Exactly.


We’re The Only Central PA Window And Door Company

That Won’t Accept A Dime Until We’re Done.


When you hire Zen Windows PA as your window and door company, you won’t have to pay anything until the job is done and YOU are satisfied.


That’s right. We don’t accept any sort of payment until after we install your new windows or doors. This leaves the onus on us to provide absolute quality. And it gives you the control in the relationship and 100% peace of mind that you cannot be “ripped off” by a contractor who takes your deposit then skips town.


For more reasons about why we’re different—and, according to homeowners, better!—than the average window and door company in Central PA, visit our Compare Window Companies page. After that, click on our Get A Quote page for an easy and accurate online quote on windows or doors.


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