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Single Hung Windows Vs. Double Hung Windows In Central PA

Is One Better Than The Other? If So, How?

We Have All The Answers.

Single hung and double hung windows are the most popular types of windows in Central PA. They both provide the benefits that homeowners want in a new window, which is why they are in the vast majority of homes in the country.

There are, however, differences between these two windows. And knowing these differences can help you make the right decision for your home and budget.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how single hung windows and double hung windows compare.

First Things First…

Before we go any further, let’s talk about what single and double hung windows actually are and how they function.

Both windows have a top and bottom sash. On a single hung window, the bottom sash moves vertically, while the top sash remains fixed. On a double hung window, both the top and bottom sashes move vertically, allowing you to open a double hung from both ends.

Now, let’s compare single hung windows and double hung windows in the categories that matter most to Central PA homeowners.


From afar, single hung and double hung windows look similar. Both have a rectangular shape and two sashes.

Get a little closer, however, and you’ll notice that double hung windows typically have a more contemporary look. This is because double hung windows are more modern and newer to the market than single hung windows. As such, they have a style that tends to be more in line with today’s homes. This is a big reason double hung windows have actually overtaken single hungs as the most popular type of window in the country.


Double hung windows take the cake in this category for a few reasons.

The top and bottom sashes of a double hung window tilt inward. This allows you to clean the exterior of double hung windows from the inside of your home. This is especially helpful if your windows are above ground level and out of reach without a ladder.

Double hung windows also tend to be easier for homeowners to repair than single hung windows. If the top sash (i.e., the fixed sash) gets broken on a single hung window, you’ll need to call in a glass specialist called a glazier. Why? Because repairing or a replacing a fixed sash requires a skilled hand, so it’s best left up to professionals. Glaziers typically charge $50 to $75 per hour to fix a window.

If the top sash of a double hung window gets broken, however, it’s much easier for a homeowner to replace. Since the top sash of a double hung window moves, it can more easily be removed from the frame. This makes it easier as a “do-it-yourself” project, and can save you a lot of money from calling in a specialist.


Overall, double hung windows are safer and more secure than single hung windows. Double hung windows typically come with two locks, while a single hung window usually has one. Double hung windows also have stronger frames, making them more difficult to break.

Double hung windows are also safer if you have young children. Since the top sash moves, it allows you to have your double hung window open from the top, while the bottom sash remains locked and closed. This helps prevent potential accidents that can happen when a small child is near a window that is open from the bottom.


There’s not much of a contest here. Since double hung windows open from the top AND bottom, they have the edge over single hung windows. This extra ventilation makes double hung windows ideal for high-moisture areas such as the bathroom. In all, double hung windows are the ideal choice if you want great airflow in a room.


Since a single hung window’s top sash is fixed, that means it is sealed. This leaves less potential for leaks and gaps. The top sash on a double hung window moves, so it cannot be sealed. This distinction is why some consider single hung windows to be slightly more energy efficient than double hung windows.

It’s not necessarily that simple, though. Proper installation goes a LONG way in determining how airtight a window is. A skilled and professional window company in Central PA will take the time to ensure all of your windows—whether single hung, double hung, or something else entirely—are installed as tightly as possible. As a result, the difference in energy efficiency between properly installed single and double hung windows is minimal.

Another factor that determines energy efficiency is the assembly and materials of the window. Not all brands of windows are made equally. So a top-quality double hung window is definitely going to be more energy efficient than a lower end single hung window.

Bottom line: As long as you invest in QUALITY windows—and a superior company to install them—you will experience substantial savings on your energy bills.


If we’re comparing STRICTLY on price, single hung windows will almost always be a little cheaper than double hung windows in Central PA. Single hung windows cost less for manufacturers to make than double hung windows, so they are able to sell them for less.

But in terms of value? There’s no question—double hung windows WIN.

An easy way to understand the better value is to think about the Ford Fusion vehicle. The Ford Fusion S is the basic model and retails for $22,215. The Fusion SE is the next step up and retails for $23,490.

That’s about a 5.5% difference in price. But the VALUE isn’t even close. The Fusion SE comes with a number of features the S model does not have (18-inch wheels, a much better sound system, powered driver’s seat, and an LCD touch-screen display to name a few). In all, you get A LOT of value for just an extra $1,275.

This is essentially how it works with single hung and double hung windows. Single hung windows have a slightly cheaper price tag, but they don’t come with anywhere NEAR the same features as double hung windows. With double hung windows, you get the added benefits of easy cleaning, extra security, better ventilation, and more modern looks. All for just a drop more in the bucket.

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