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Perhaps you’re buying an investment property or making enhancements to your own home. While you consider what to order from a windows and patio doors company in central PA, you may find that Soft-Lite has masterfully integrated your wishlist into their products. Here are a few such examples.

Cleaning, Simplified

Cleaning windows used to be a chore. So much so, that many homeowners would regularly schedule service for hard-to-reach exterior-facing panes. Tilt latches have revolutionized cleaning, allowing the homeowner to avoid ladders and contractors by easily inverting the glass’ orientation.

Maximize Comfort, Minimize Costs

Foam-filled frames and sashes cut down on the winter chill factor while saving you on utility costs. Non-toxic, gas-filled chambers create additional buffers against the extreme heat and cold of east coast summers and winters. You’ll find the Energy Star seal of approval in all of our windows, including the budget-friendly “Karma” product line.

Create the Perfect Sound Barrier

Your windows and patio doors company in central PA also offers stellar soundproofing. Most outdoor noises are absorbed, even helping you tolerate your neighbor’s diesel truck at five in the morning. Sound proofing improves your privacy, as outsiders won’t be able to eavesdrop on your business.

Bring in the Fresh Air at Any Hour

Want to let a nice cool breeze flow through your home during those perfect spring and fall nights? Not so fast…you probably hear the voice of reason telling you it isn’t safe to do so. That’s exactly why all of the models in the Soft-Lite product line include a set of integrated stoppers. Just pop them out and slide the stash upwards into locking latches that are practically impossible to manipulate from the outside.

Zen Windows carries products with features that make life easier. Many consider us the premiere windows and patio doors company in central PA because of our quality installations, outstanding customer service and reasonable prices. Call us at 717-756-3956 or fill out our get quote now form today!

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