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Surprising Window Trends For 2018

Pittsburgh replacement windows are seeing several window trends for 2018. The styles and colors that homeowners are choosing more and more this year may surprise you – or they may be your personal favorites, as well.

Several of the trends from 2017 are still going strong. These include a focus on energy efficiency and triple-paned glass. These trends saved homeowners thousands of dollars last year, and homeowners are realizing what a smart choice these are. We expect to see them continue throughout the year.

Simple Styles

Among the trends for this year is that of simple window styles. For several years, round top and custom window shapes have been very popular, but these window styles have recently seen a decline. Instead, a rise in tradditional-shaped windows such as square or rectangular shapes have become more popular. Casement windows and double-hung windows are the perfect options for these shapes.

Minimalistic and modern design styles are steadily becoming the norm – as simple, clean lines are the goal. These simple and clean lines also add to the illusion of more space, and casement and double-hung windows can provide plenty of light.

Black Frames

Another trend that we are seeing happening for Pittsburgh replacement windows is black window frames. While colorful window frames have been a trend for a few years now, black is the color of choice for 2018. Again, the contemporary, modern, and minimalistic designs have influenced this preference, and simple black and white décor is all the rage.

The interesting thing about black window frames, though, is that they cross design borders. They also lend themselves quite well to farmhouse and rustic designs – which only furthers their popularity. In other words, you just can’t go wrong by choosing black window frames.

Focus on Outdoors

There are two window design trends for 2018 that focus on the outdoors. The first of these is that homeowners have a desire to “frame” the outdoors, and everyone enjoys a room with a view. Window styles with optimal viewing areas and an unobstructed view could be the top sellers this year. This could mean floor-to-ceiling glass, casement windows, or picture windows.

The second design trend associated with the great outdoors includes sliding glass doors. As outdoor entertaining spaces become a coveted feature in homes, more and more homes on the market are offering them as a top selling point. These outdoor spaces are connected to an indoor space in our homes either through doors such as sliding glass doors, French doors, or through pass-through windows.

Pass-through windows allow for easy outdoor entertaining. Awning windows paired with a bar leading out to a large deck can create an amazing outdoor entertaining space. Imagine how fun that would be!

Perhaps some of these window trends pique your interest or just got you thinking about window options for your home. Pittsburgh replacement windows will likely see other trends this year as well. Who knows? Maybe you yourself will start a trend!

Zen Windows PA installs casement and double-hung windows, and also sliding glass doors. So, if you have an idea that you think will make your Pittsburgh home look amazing, we want to hear about it. Call us today for your free window consultation for your home.

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