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The One Article You Must Read To Get The Best Vinyl Replacement Windows In Pittsburgh

Here Is ALL Of The Info You Need To Ensure You Get The Biggest “Bang” For Your Buck.

We’ll be honest — shopping for replacement windows probably doesn’t top many Pittsburgh homeowners’ lists of “Fun Activities.” Sure, selling vinyl replacement windows is our business at Zen Windows. But we’re realistic — we know there are other things you’d rather be doing with your time.

And we completely understand why. Homeowners tend to dislike replacing their windows for the same reasons…

  1. They don’t want to deal with a high-pressure window company.
  2. There are so many options that it can be hard to know which windows are good and which are junk. (Price doesn’t always indicate quality with windows.)
  3. Window replacement isn’t exactly inexpensive.

Here’s the good news: You can make replacing your windows in Pittsburgh a relatively quick, easy, and affordable experience. A little proper due diligence is all it takes.

That sounds like work, but don’t worry — we’ve compiled all of the info you need right here in this very post.

At Zen Windows, the goal with our blog is to make it a valuable resource for homeowners who need replacement windows. We post articles frequently, so it’s likely that you may miss or overlook a key article that can help you get the best project.

So instead of making you search for every article, we’ve linked to 15 of the most important ones in this post. We’ve divided these articles into three groups of five — one group per reason (listed above) that homeowners don’t like shopping for replacement windows.

Let’s get started…

High-Pressure Window Companies

Just the thought of dealing with a window salesperson is enough to make many homeowners put off replacing their windows. Most window companies force you to schedule an in-home appointment before they’ll give you a quote. These appointments typically take two to three hours and are designed to get you to buy on the spot.

This is probably not the way you want to buy windows. You likely want to get a few quotes, explore your options, and think things over. You don’t want a salesperson in your face telling you that if you don’t buy today, the quoted price is no longer valid.

To fight back against pushy window salespeople — or avoid them altogether — read these five articles:

  1. Getting New Windows? Always “Go With Your Gut”
  2. How Not To Get Suckered By A Central PA Window Company
  3. Why You Shouldn’t Pay A Central PA Window And Door Company A Dime Until The Job Is Done
  4. Why Online Replacement Window Quotes In Central PA Are Superior To In-Home Quotes
  5. 5 Things To Ask Vinyl Window Companies During Your Quote

Too Many Options

When it comes to replacement windows, you have a lot of options… with few resources to help you choose the right windows for your situation.

The absolute best way to ensure you get the right replacement windows for your needs is to talk to an honest professional. But here are five articles that can help you start to narrow down what you may want:

  1. Why Laminated Triple Pane Vinyl Windows In Central PA Have Exploded In Popularity
  2. Why Vinyl Is The Most Popular Window And Door Material In Pittsburgh
  3. Single Hung Windows Vs. Double Hung Windows In Central PA
  4. Casement Window Replacement In Central PA: What You Need To Know
  5. Window Energy Efficiency: What You Need To Know

Too Much Money

As mentioned earlier, replacing your windows isn’t exactly inexpensive (relatively speaking). But even though it’s a multi-thousand-dollar investment, window replacement is a superb VALUE.

Quality replacement windows will lower your energy bills, increase the value of your home, and provide you with an excellent return on investment. Plus, good window companies offer excellent financing options that can help you secure a comfortable, no-interest monthly payment.

Just know that not all replacement windows are created equal. If you spend too little, you’ll end up paying more in the long run in terms of repairs, higher energy bills, and premature replacement. On the flip side, it’s also possible to pay TOO much for the best replacement windows.

These five articles will help you determine how to get the best vinyl replacement windows in Pittsburgh for the best price:

  1. How Double Pane Replacement Windows Save Central PA Homeowners Up To $366 Per Year 
  2. Concerned About Replacement Window Cost In Central PA? Consider Financing
  3. The Best Replacement Windows In Central PA Are NOT The Most Expensive
  4. Myth, Busted: Why Quality $189 Replacement Windows In Pittsburgh Don’t Exist
  5. What Do The Best Replacement Windows In Central PA Actually Cost?

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