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The Two Requirements For Quality Vinyl Window Replacement In Pittsburgh

When Replacing Your Windows, It’s About The Quality Of The Product AND The Company Doing The Installation. 

The two elements to every successful vinyl window project in Pittsburgh are 1) the quality of the windows and 2) the quality of the company installing the windows.

Having one without the other? Not possible if you want the best energy efficiency and performance.

If you buy substandard windows, even the tightest and most meticulous installation won’t stop energy and performance problems that are built into the window itself. On the other hand, even the best window in the world is useless if it’s not installed properly.

Since it can be hard for homeowners to determine the quality of windows and installers, let’s break down both in a little more detail. First, we’ll examine the elements of a high quality vinyl window. Then we’ll take a look at characteristics of the best window installers in Pittsburgh.

How To Determine If A Vinyl Window Is High Quality

Not all vinyl windows in Pittsburgh are created equal. Some are great. Some are average. And others just plain aren’t worth your money – no matter how cheap their price tag.

With that in mind, here are three key elements to look for in quality vinyl windows…

Energy Efficiency

Pittsburgh homeowners want windows with a U-Factor of 0.30 or less (the lower the number, the better). To achieve good energy ratings, the window will have at least two panes of glass, gas between the frames, low E coating, and more. Knowing if the window you’re looking at is energy efficient is simple. All Energy Star-certified windows have an energy rating label right on the window.


Price can indicate the quality of a window — but it isn’t as simple as “the more expensive, the better.”

It’s true that windows that cost $400 or less typically won’t provide you with the kind of quality you’re expecting. At that price, the window won’t come with the features and be made with the materials that deliver superior energy efficiency and performance. (Those $189 windows you see advertised? The less said about them, the better.)

That said, you don’t need to pay $1,000+ for a vinyl window to get the best quality. Depending on the style of window and performance upgrades, the best vinyl windows should run no more than $500 to $750, installed.


Long warranties are usually indicative of quality. If the window manufacturer is confident in their product, they will naturally stand by that product for a longer period.

You will, however, want to review the warranty in detail. Some so-called “lifetime” warranties contain loopholes, fine print, and exclusions. Have the company you’re considering go over the warranty with you in detail prior to making a buying decision.

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What To Look For In Quality Window Installer

Just like the windows themselves, not all window INSTALLERS are the same quality. So let’s look at some of the ways to determine whether a window installer is worth your time and money.

Quote Process

How a window installer treats you during the quote reveals how they will approach the rest of the project. If they show you respect and truly seem to be a homeowner advocate (as opposed to caring only about their bottom line) you can expect that they will likely take the time and effort to do your job right.

This may not always be the case; sometimes even the “nice guys” out there, even if their hearts are in the right place, perform substandard installation. Which is why it’s wise to look at the next item on the list to ensure you hire a quality installer…


Without a doubt, one of the best ways to accurately judge a vinyl window company in Pittsburgh is by its online reviews. Forget the advertisements you see. Forget the fancy sales pitch the company puts on for you. Online reviews “cut through the noise” and give you objective feedback on a company.


We mentioned warranties in the section about quality windows, but the same rule also applies to window installers. You want to hire an installer who stands by their work with a lengthy, no strings warranty.

What’s more, you want a window installer who has a clear, easy to understand WRITTEN warranty. This means they aren’t trying to hide any fine print or exclusions.

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