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When Is It Time to Replace Your Patio Door?

patio door replacement

There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about how replacing the windows in your home can save energy and cut down on your monthly energy bill. However, less has been said about sliding patio doors. An energy efficient patio door can actually save you even more money, but patio door replacement in Central, PA is rarely at the top of anyone’s home improvement list. A new patio door can make a beautiful and cost effective addition to your home, and it’s a relatively simple operation. Is it time to replace your patio door? These tips can help you decide.

There Are Gaps in Your Door

 Look closely at the frame of your sliding door. Can you see small gaps between the door and the frame? An easy way to spot these is to wait for it to get dark then have someone go outside with a flashlight. Have your partner shine the flashlight around the edge of the door and look for light coming in.

 Your Door Is Hard to Open and Close

 Does your door stick when you try to open and close it? While this may seem like more of a minor irritant than a serious issue to address, it is also a good indicator that it is time to get a new door.

 There Is a Draft

 Stand near your sliding glass door when it is hot or cold outside and see if you feel a change in temperature. If it gets hot or cold near your door, this means that you are losing climate controlled air from inside and should replace your door as soon as possible.

 Your Door No Longer Matches Your Home

 Even if your sliding glass door functions perfectly, if you’ve changed everything around it and it no longer looks good in your home there’s no reason to keep it around. A new door is easy to install and cost effective, so you don’t have to put it off.

 Zen Windows has great options for patio door replacement in Central, PA. Call us today at 717-756-3956 to find out more.

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