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Use This Checklist To Find The Best Central PA Window And Door Companies

Some Window And Door Companies Are Better Than Others.

Whip Out This Checklist On Any Company Youre Considering. 

Let’s face it—there are dozens and dozens of window and door companies in Central PA. And while they can all kind of blend together at a certain point in your research process, window and door companies vary wildly in quality.

Since this is likely the first time you’re installing new windows and doors, you’re probably unsure of what to look for in a company. That’s why we’ve compiled a checklist of some of the best qualities in superior window and door companies. If the company you’re considering adheres to the items on this checklist, you’re all but guaranteed a high-quality project.

Let’s get started…

✓ Great Online ReviewsAnd Lots Of Them

Online reviews are one of the most surefire ways to know how good (or bad) a Central PA window and door company is.

Think of it this way. A customer who leaves a review had a significant-enough experience (positive or negative) to want to take to the internet and tell absolute strangers about it. The customer gets basically nothing out of leaving a review, so there isn’t much incentive for them to do so. Yet they felt strongly enough about the experience to leave a review anyway. This is why online reviews are so trustworthythey are pure, unadulterated feedback.

But what about companies with no online reviews? It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re bad—they could just be new or not have much of an online presence. Still, it’s best to proceed with caution when considering window and door companies with few to no online reviews. Try to stick to companies that have at least 15 online reviews across the major review platforms (Google, Facebook, and so on).

✓ No-Pressure Quotes

How a company treats you during the quote all but gives away how they will treat you during your project. If the company is pushy and applies sales pressure, they are likely more concerned with profits than respecting their customers. On the other hand, companies that seem to genuinely want to help you find the right windows and doors for the best price will likely treat you right and do a high-quality job.

You’re probably thinking, How do I know if a company applies pressure during a quote if I havent gotten a quote from them?

It’s actually easy to know if a company utilizes pressure BEFORE you get a price from them. Check out a company’s online reviews. People can’t stand being pressured. So if a company utilizes pushy sales techniques, you can almost certainly find negative online reviews about the company’s high-pressure methods.

Also make sure you understand the company’s actual quote process. Most window and door companies in Central PA do in-home quotes. But you CAN find companies that will provide you a quote over the phone or email. Companies willing to provide online or over-the-phone quotes are much less likely to use sales pressure.

One last thing regarding quotes: Make sure you know whether the price a window and door company gives you is a QUOTE or an ESTIMATE. A quote—by its definition—is a firm and accurate price for the job. A quote should not change unless the scope of work changes. An estimate is just that—an estimated price for the work to be done. A company can change an estimate at a later point in time, even if the scope of work stays the same. Most companies use “quote”and “estimate”interchangeably, so make sure you know what you’re getting into before you choose a company.

✓ Awesome Warranties

The length, coverage, and even “readability”in a window company’s warranty tell you several things. Rule of thumb is that the longer the warranty, the better. And that’s true…if the warranty is free from exclusions, prorating, and fine print.

The truth is that many window and door warranties—even lifetime ones—don’t always cover problems you’d expect. A lot of warranties are prorated, which means the amount of problems the warranty covers decreases over time. Some warranties also don’t cover trip charges, parts, and certain issues.

When getting a quote from a Central PA window and door company, ask them to review their warranty with you. Have the company explain what the warranty includes and if it’s prorated. When reviewing the warranty, take note whether it’s written in plain, easy-to-understand English or dense legalese. If it’s the latter, it could mean that the company is hiding exclusions and loopholes in impossible-to-read language. If it’s the former, it shows that the company is forthright about its coverage.

✓ No Money Down

This is an extremely rare quality in a window and door company. Basically all companies require money down before they get started. So this in itself is not a sign that the company is low quality—it usually means they want to protect themselves in case a customer refuses to pay.

That said, those “pink unicorn”window and door companies that require no money down—and meet the other criteria on this checklist—are all but guaranteed to provide you with an exceptional project. A window and door company that requires no deposit is confident in their work, trusting of their customers, and wants to provide you with total peace of mind that your project will get done RIGHT. After all—they don’t get paid until after they’ve installed your windows and doors!

✓ Involved Ownership

If the owner is actively involved in your project, you’re likely in for a great experience.

No one has more “sweat equity”in the company than the owner. An owner that truly cares about their customers—and got into this business because they have true passion for it—will see to it that every part of your project is done to the highest standards. And not just because the success of the business depends on it…but because they honestly love helping people.

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