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What’s The Best Season For Window Installation In Pittsburgh?

Different Seasons Have Different Advantages For Window Installation.

Let’s Take A Look At Which Season Suits Your Window Project Best.

When it comes to window installation in Pittsburgh, the four seasons all have their advantages. Most people think summer is the best time to install new windows—but depending on YOUR specific needs, this may not be the case.

So let’s take a look at the pros and cons of installing your windows in each of the four seasons.

Window Installation In The Summer

Pros: The obvious advantage here is that summer is the warmest season with the longest days. While the installers are replacing your windows, you won’t have to worry about cold drafts entering your home. And since there is more daylight, it allows you to be more flexible in your schedule to be home for the actual replacement. Warm weather also helps strengthen the caulk of the windows’ seals.

Cons: Summer is the busiest season for window installation companies in Pittsburgh. This means it can take longer to get your installation scheduled. It can also be harder to set a sales appointment with the company. (Of course, you don’t have to worry about a sales appointment with Zen Windows and our Online Quotes.) And though you don’t have to worry about cold drafts, you may get a few insects in your home.

Window Installation In The Fall

Pros: Fall is the second slowest season for window companies (winter is first). You may find it easier to schedule your project in a quicker time frame than in summer or spring. Fall temperatures are also milder than in summer, which can make the temperature in your home more comfortable while the company replaces your windows.

Cons: Fall is when the days start to get shorter. This leaves less time for a window crew to work. Fall can also have its share of cold and rainy days, which can make things a little chilly inside your home when the company removes your old windows.

Window Installation In The Winter

Pros: Winter is the slowest season for window installation companies. This provides you with a few advantages. First, it’s easier to schedule your sales appointment. Second, it means the company can likely get to your installation more quickly. Third, window companies usually run specials in the winter to get more business. This means you can get replacement windows at the absolute cheapest price of the year.

Cons: Well, it can get REALLY cold. That’s the biggest disadvantage. When a company removes one of your current windows, you basically have a huge hole in your wall. Even if the installers cover the hole with a tarp, you’ll still feel that chilly air seeping into your home. You also have to be aware that bad weather can cause unavoidable project delays.

Window Installation In The Spring

Pros: Longer days and warmer temperatures are two advantages of installing your windows in spring. Spring isn’t as busy as summer for window installation, which can make it easier for scheduling. And since it’s not as hot as summer, your home will be more comfortable as the installation crew removes your old windows.

Cons: Spring is the second busiest season for window installation. While it can be easier to get a time than in summer, you may find that companies’ schedules fill up quickly. There also is typically a solid amount of rainfall during spring, which might cause a project delay if the rain is heavy enough.

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