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Where To Buy Replacement Windows In Pittsburgh To Ensure A Superior Project

Where Should You Buy Your WindowsA Brick-And-Mortar Window Company, Online Window Company, Or Big-Box” Store? Lets Look At Your Options. 

When it comes to WHERE to buy replacement windows in Pittsburgh, you have three primary options:

  • A retail chain: The Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc.
  • A standardwindow company: The ones that come to your home for a sales presentation to get you to buy.
  • An online window company: Companies that don’t have a sales process and provide quotes through email.

Which one is right for you comes down to your preferences and what you want to accomplish. So let’s take a look at your three window-buying options a little closer…

Buying Windows From A Retail Chain

This is typically for DIYerswho want to save money on hiring installers and arent as concerned with getting the best-quality windows. The windows from retail stores are mass-manufactured and often don’t include the same energy-efficiency and performance features that products from window companies do. Also, people who choose to buy windows from a retail chain usually do so when they need to replace only one or two windows—not a whole house full.

Retail chains like The Home Depot and Lowe’s do offer window installation if you buy from them. But their installers are actually just independent general contractors. You may find it better to hire the general contractor without going through the retail chain. Retail chains have to make a profit, so they typically tack on costs to whatever the general contractor charges.

It can also be a pain getting warranty work from retail stores, since they have such a high volume of business (and warranty work is NOT on their list of priorities). Hiring a contractor directly cuts out the middle man, can save you money, and is likely to ensure you get your service issues taken care of more quickly.

Buying Windows From A Standard” Window Company

For the purpose of this article, a “standard” window company is what you typically imagine when thinking of a window company—they set in-home sales appointments, require an up-front deposit, handle the quote and installation themselves, and so on.

Pittsburgh homeowners choose standard window companies when they want their windows replaced FOR them by (hopefully) a professional. Standard window companies typically offer higher-quality windows than retail chains. And if you choose an independent window company — not a huge national chain — you are more likely to receive faster and more personal service.

The downside to buying replacement windows from a standard window company? Essentially all of them require an in-home appointment before providing you with a quote. The average window appointment lasts two and a half hours, which can make scheduling an appointment VERY difficult if you lead a busy life. Not only that, but most homeowners are simply uncomfortable with face-to-face sales meetings. Window salesmen are notorious for arm twisting and playing pricing games. Most people don’t want to put up with that.

Another thing to consider: Standard window companies normally require 10% to 50% of the cost of the project up front. You may be hesitant to write a check for thousands of dollars when no work has been performed (we don’t blame you!).

Buying Windows From An Online Window Company

Online window companies are still pretty rare, but they are becoming more common as homeowners discover the benefits of hiring one. In a nutshell, online window companies provide window quotes over the internet.

There is no sales process. There is no three-hour in-home appointment. You simply provide the online window company with a little info about your project (typically through an Online Quote Form), and the company follows up with a quote either via email or a phone call. No sales pitches. No arm twisting.

Zen Windows is this type of company. If you want an accurate window quote, you simply fill out our Request A Quote page. We then crunch a few numbers and provide you with a no-pressure quote within 24 hours. That’s literally all there is to it.

We can’t speak for other online window companies, but our lack of a sales process allows us to have low overhead. As such, we’re able to sell genuinely superior replacement windows at prices “standard” window companies simply can’t match. We also don’t require payment from you until AFTER we install your replacement windows and YOU are satisfied with the job. This all adds up to a high-quality, zero-stress replacement window project.

Try An Online Window Quote Today

No matter where you’re thinking of buying replacement windows  Pittsburgh, get an Online Quote from Zen Windows. It takes five minutes, is incredibly easy, and requires zero risk. We’ll provide you with a firm and accurate quote via email with absolutely no pressure. Feel free to compare it to other quotes, mull things over, or whatever else you see fit. And if you choose to move forward with us, we’ll be here for you.

Thank you!

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