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Why An Involved Owner Ensures A High-Quality Replacement Window Project In Central PA

When You’re Dealing With A Company That Has A “Hands-On” Owner,

Problems, Finger Pointing, And Miscommunication Melt Away.

If you need replacement windows in Central PA, you’ve probably researched windows companies large, small, and somewhere in between. Today, I’d like to tell you why going with a smaller, independent company often results in a higher-quality project outcome.

Local, independent window companies typically have owners who have more time, money, and “sweat equity” invested in their business than “upper management” at national window companies. The owner of the independent company has built their business with their own bare hands. As a result, they are often personally invested in each and every project their company takes on.

This is the case at Zen Windows Central PA. As the owner, I am involved in every project. When you contact us for a 5-Minute Online Quote, I’m the one who provides it. When you have questions, I am the one you call. When it comes to your project, the buck stops with me. End of story.

Here are some other advantages of getting your replacement windows from a Central PA company with an involved owner:

No Miscommunication: The handoff between sales and production is seamless. Why? Because I’m in charge of both! You’ll never hear anyone on my team say, “I thought he said….”

Better Prices: Since our window quotes are done online, I personally handle them. This cuts out costly sales staff and associated commissions. As a result, I’m able to hand over better prices on SUPERIOR windows.

More Friendly & Professional: My tight-knit crew of experienced installers LOVES what they do. Unlike huge national window companies, I don’t overwork—and overlook—my guys. Each one is a valued team member. As a result, they are happy, professional, and bend over backward to please customers.

No Sales Pressure: I can’t stand high-pressure sales. When you get a quote on replacement windows from me, you’ll never be subjected to a sales pitch. You’ll get 100% honesty and the information you need to make the right decision for your situation.

Lifetime Warranties: Since I know exactly what went into your job, I’m willing to stand behind the work—forever. Your replacement windows are backed by a TRUE Lifetime Warranty on both labor AND materials (including glass!).

Want proof that an involved owner means a great replacement window project in Central PA? Visit the Reputation section of this website to see our glowing customer reviews and accolades.

In addition what’s on our Reputation page, we also have…

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Click here now if you’d like a firm, down-to-the-penny online quote on great replacement windows in Central PA. I will personally handle your quote to ensure 100% accuracy…with 0% sales pressure.

Thank you!

Andrew Zahn

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