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Why Don’t Pittsburgh Window Replacement Companies Warranty Broken Glass, Anyway?

Window Replacement Companies Think Covering Glass Breakage Will Cost Them A Lot Of Money.

But Here’s Why Broken-Glass Warranties Actually Benefit Both The Company And The Customer.

Finding a Pittsburgh window replacement company that covers broken glass is harder than locating a needle in a mile-high haystack.

Sure, you can find window replacement companies that provide 25- or even 50-year warranties on their windows. They might even cover 99.9% of defects, problems, and deficiencies imaginable.

But broken glass? No way. Never.

The reason is simple: Window replacement companies don’t want to pay out of pocket for a problem they didn’t cause. They don’t want to use the resources and money to send out THEIR technicians if YOUR kid throws a baseball through your window.

That seems reasonable. Who wants to fix someone else’s mistake on their own dime?

But here is the reality: Broken glass is very, very rare… and it’s very, very inexpensive for a window company to fix.

How do I know? Because Zen Windows’ True Lifetime Warranty doesn’t just cover installation errors and material defects—it also covers BROKEN GLASS due to homeowner-related incidents.

Think of it as a “goof-proof” guarantee. If you accidentally break the glass in a window we install, we fix the glass. End of story.

Why do we cover broken glass, while other Pittsburgh window replacement companies don’t?

Here’s why…

  • Repairing broken glass costs us only a few hundred dollars in materials and labor.
  • We service broken glass very rarely—maybe a handful of times per year. Homeowner-caused broken glass just isn’t that common. So what we pay out of pocket to fix broken glass is a drop in the bucket.
  • As a result, you never have to worry about the glass in your windows being broken due to an erratic baseball throw from your kids or a stray rock shooting from your lawnmower.

Honestly, it’s silly that more window replacement companies DON’T cover broken glass. It’s actually beneficial to both company and customer.

We’ve discovered that our broken-glass warranty creates tremendous goodwill with our customers. In all, it’s a pretty great business strategy!

More importantly, YOU get peace of mind that your windows are completely protected. You can rest easy knowing you won’t have to spend ANY money if your glass gets broken.

Overall: Broken-glass warranties are “win-win.”

For more info regarding what our warranties cover (spoiler: they cover EVERYTHING), head over to our Lifetime Warranties page.

And if you’d like a quick and accurate quote on superior replacement windows in Pittsburgh, Get An Online Quote now. It takes only a few minutes to fill out the form. Once you submit your request, we’ll follow up with a firm, accurate emailed quote on superior replacement windows. No pressure whatsoever!

Thanks—I look forward to hearing from you!

Andrew Zahn

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