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Why Laminated Triple Pane Vinyl Windows In Central PA Have Exploded In Popularity

Soundproof? Check.

Energy Efficient? Check.

A Tremendous Value? CHECK.

Want beautiful new windows that not only cut your energy costs, but also help block unwanted outdoor noise? Then join the ever-growing fan base for laminated triple pane vinyl windows in Central PA.

Laminated triple pane vinyl windows have exploded in popularity in recent years. And when you consider the benefits, it’s easy to see why. When it comes to insulating your home from both outside temperatures AND noise, there’s no better type of window.

Let’s examine laminated triple pane vinyl windows in detail to show you how they can enhance the quality of your home life.

We’ll Start With Soundproofing

The lamination of a triple pane vinyl window is what gives it the majority of its soundproofing capabilities. Laminated windows have a layer of clear, dense, high-strength soundproofing plastic between their glass panes. This special plastic reduces noise and vibrations that come from outside of your home.

To better understand how a laminated window blocks noise, it’s necessary to know a little about the Sound Transmission Class (STC) scale. The STC scale measures a material or product’s soundproofing abilities. For a window to be considered soundproof, it must block out at least 90% of outdoor noise.

Windows capable of this have an STC rating around 45 to 50. To put that into context, a non-laminated single-pane window rates at a 27 on the STC scale, while a non-laminated double-pane window is a 28.

Here is a chart from soundproofingcompany.com breaking down the STC scale:

STC What You Can Hear
25 Normal speech is easily heard and understood
30 Normal speech is harder to hear and understand; loud speech can still be understood easily
35 You can still hear loud speech, but likely can’t make it out clearly
40 Loud speech sounds more like a murmur
45 You can’t hear loud speech at all; loud speakers and heavy traffic noise come through, but are muffled
50 Very loud speakers and loud traffic noise are essentially inaudible
60+ Outstanding soundproofing; you can hear almost nothing coming from the outdoors

As you can see from the chart, non-laminated windows will not even block out someone talking at an ordinary volume. Laminated windows, however, are in the upper level of the chart, blocking all but the very loudest outdoor noises.

Now Let’s Discuss Energy Efficiency…

According to energystar.gov, upgrading from single pane to double pane windows can save Central PA homeowners up to $366 per year in utility costs. The biggest reason for this is due to the multiple panes. Not only does an extra pane of glass provide another barrier against the outdoor elements, but special insulating gas is injected between the panes to further enhance energy efficiency.

And when you add a THIRD pane of glass? That provides yet ANOTHER layer of glass protection and one more area for more insulating gas. That’s when the energy efficiency of your windows is truly maximized.

Triple pane windows provide the best energy efficiency.

Central PA homeowners also rate triple pane windows better than double pane windows at keeping their homes a comfortable temperature. To see just how much better triple pane windows insulate than double pane windows, you can do the “Touch Test.”When you feel the interior glass of a double pane window on a cold day, it will be cold to the touch. But when you feel the interior glass of a triple pane window, it will be within one to two degrees of the interior wall’s temperature. This is a tangible way to see just how much more energy efficient triple windows really are.

Also Consider This…

There are other factors that contribute to a window’s soundproofing and insulating capabilities. These include weather stripping, insulation within the frame, and the actual installation of the window. The honest truth is that laminated triple pane vinyl windows won’t be able to do their job properly if the installation is poor. This is why it is absolutely essential to choose a well-reviewed and experienced company to install your laminated triple pane vinyl windows in Central PA.

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