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Why September Is One Of The Best Months For Window And Door Replacement In Central PA

Cooler Temperatures, Easier Scheduling & Preparation For Winter Are Why Many Homeowners Choose Fall For Their Window And Patio Door Replacement 

A lot of homeowners in Central PA figure that summer is the best time for window and patio door replacement. It’s warm. The kids are out of school, so your schedule isn’t as hectic. And there’s just something about summer that brings out the “home-improvement” side of people.

But fall—specifically September and October—provides unique advantages when replacing your windows and patio doors. If you feel like you’ve waited too late in the year for window and patio door replacement, don’t—fall is actually a GREAT time for a window or patio door project.

Here are a few reasons why…

You Avoid The Summer Rush

Summer is by far the busiest season for window and patio door companies in Central PA. Everybodyis looking to replace their windows and patio doors.

As a result, many companies have jam-packed schedules. You may find it hard to coordinate your schedule with a company’s schedule for an in-home quote. This also means it often takes companies significantly longer to actually get to the replacement phase of your project.

Cooler Temperatures

While a company replaces a patio door or window, there is a gaping hole in your house. Companies will typically put up protective tarps to shield your home from the outdoors, but still… that summer heat can enter your home and make for some uncomfortably high temperatures.

Fall, however, isn’t as hot. As such, your home won’t get as warm as the company performs the replacement. 

You’re Prepared For The Winter

Winter is when most homeowners’ utility bills are highest. This is especially true if the windows and patio doors are old and worn. Old windows and patio doors leak air and transfer energy at a high rate. As a result, your heating system has to work overtime to keep your home a comfortable temperature.

By getting new windows around September, you ensure your home is nice and energy efficient for the winter. You’ll experience lower utility bills and find that your home stays a comfortable temperature more easily.

But replacement windows and patio doors aren’t great just in the winter. By the time the following summer rolls around, you won’t have to blast your air conditioning as consistently to keep your home cool.

You’ll Impress Houseguests

From Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Year’s, winter has a whole bunch of holidays that bring people together. If you plan to have holiday parties in your home, new windows and patio doors are a great way to impress guests. Both make a great first impression and help set the tone for the rest of your home.

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