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Why Vinyl Is The Most Popular Window And Door Material In Pittsburgh

A Combination Of Great Energy Efficiency, Low Maintenance, And Outstanding Value Make Vinyl A Great Choice For Windows And Patio Doors.

One of the most difficult choices to make when buying windows and patio doors is selecting the material. The three primary materials for windows and patio doors in Pittsburgh are vinyl, fiberglass, and wood. All three have their advantages, but today we’ll discuss why VINYL is likely the best material you can choose for your windows and patio doors.

Vinyl is the most popular material in Pittsburgh for windows and patio doors. And with good reason. Vinyl holds several advantages over other window and patio door materials. Let’s take a look at a few…

Bare-Minimum Maintenance

When compared to fiberglass and wood, vinyl is hands-down easier to maintain. Fiberglass and wood have to be painted and scraped consistently to maintain their looks. Vinyl, however, has the color baked into the material. It requires no painting… ever. This also makes vinyl MUCH better at resisting fading from sun exposure. Vinyl also is not susceptible to scratching like wood and fiberglass.

Unlike wood, vinyl won’t rot or get water damaged. This means vinyl windows and patio doors are more durable and tend to last much longer than their wood counterparts. And since vinyl is recyclable, it’s a green material that reduces unnecessary waste.

Energy Efficiency

If you want to cut your home energy costs, vinyl windows and patio doors are the way to go.

The overwhelming consensus in the industry is that vinyl is the most energy efficient material for windows and patio doors (with fiberglass coming in a close second). Today’s vinyl windows are loaded with energy efficient features that cut energy bills and help keep your home comfortable.

To understand how efficient vinyl is, consider this: Our vinyl double hung windows are 23 times more airtight than the best double hung wood windows from the biggest brands. This is because A.) vinyl is the overall best insulating material for a window, and B.) the strength of vinyl allows us to pack more energy efficient features into our windows.

Bottom line: Vinyl is a very energy efficient material. It is a great material for keeping unwanted outdoor temperatures from entering your home. This is one of the reasons vinyl is the most popular material for windows and patio doors.

The Overall Best Value

Vinyl windows and patio doors cost less than their wood and fiberglass counterparts. Fiberglass windows and patio doors of the exact same quality cost about 15% to 30%, while the best wood windows and patio doors can be more than TWICE the price of vinyl.

Vinyl’s lower price tag doesn’t mean lower quality. In fact, just the opposite. When you consider the advantages listed above (low maintenance, amazing efficiency, and heavy-duty durability), vinyl provides the best “bang” for your buck.

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