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Why We Don’t Do Discounts On Pittsburgh Window And Door Replacement

We Dont Do Limited-Time Sales, BOGOs, Or Any Type Of DiscountYet We STILL Have Better Prices.

Heres How Our No-Discount” Policy Actually Saves Pittsburgh Homeowners Money

If you’re considering window and patio door replacement in Pittsburgh (which you probably are, since you’re on this site), you’ve no doubt seen tons of advertised deals from different companies…

  • Time-Sensitive Quotes
  • Free Installation
  • A Percentage Off The Project
  • Buy Two Windows, Get One Free (or some variation of this)

And many more.

Heres the truththese discountswont actually save you money. In fact, they often end up costing you MORE money!

I’ll explain.

Window and patio door companies have to charge a certain price to make a profit (specific profit margins depend on the company). Unlike shopping for clothes, buying groceries, or even getting a gym membership, window and patio door replacement is typically a “one-and-done”deal. In other words, the vast majority of people are only going to buy from a window and patio door company ONCE in their lifetime. (Maybe twice, if they replace their windows and patio doors separately.)

So let’s say a company runs a “Buy-Two-Windows, Get-One-Free” special on windows. If this were truly a discount, the company would either have a lower profit margin or take a loss for every customer that took advantage of the deal. Yet we see companies running these offers ALL THE TIME.

How do they not go bankrupt?

It’s simple: The company has inflated their prices in order to advertise their “special” while still keeping their profit margins. A Buy 2, Get 1 on windows that cost $1,200 a piece is not a deal when you can get the exact same window (or one of similar or better quality) for $599 from another company that is not running a discount. In this case, the Buy 2, Get 1 actually costs you MORE money! If you needed 12 windows, youd spend $9,600 with the company running the special and $7,188 if you went with the company that wasnt running a special.

What if a company is offering a percentage off the installation? Is that a good—and actually real—deal?

Answer: Who knows? Discounts on window and patio door replacement in Pittsburgh are one of those specials that require you to trust what a company says. There’s no way to know what a company actually charges for installation. So if the company says they’ll knock 50% off the labor, they may or may not be telling the truth. And you’d have no way of knowing. (Since home improvement is consistently on the Better Business Bureau’s “Most Complained About Industries” list, it’s possible that the company may not be giving you the entire truth.)

This Is Why We Dont Do Discounts

At Zen Windows, we’re sticklers the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. This is why we don’t run any type of discounts or specials…EVER.

Instead, we provide you with a firm and accurate quote on what it takes to do your project absolutely, unequivocally right the first time. Since we have lower overhead than other Pittsburgh window and patio door replacement companies, we’re able to charge LESS money for superior quality. And our quotes aren’t good for only a week or 30 days or some other arbitrary timeframe. The price we quote you is good for LIFE.

So no, we don’t do discounts at Zen Windows. We simply provide you with the best price up frontno games, gimmicks, or gotchas.” We hope that’s okay with you.

If it is, get an Online Quote. All you have to do is take a few minutes to fill out the form on our Quotepage. Once you provide us with the info we need, we email you a rock-solid, 100% accurate quote on window or patio door replacement in Pittsburgh. No in-home appointment. No pushy salespeople. No pricing games.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Andrew Zahn

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