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Are Glass Doors the Clear Choice?

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Out with the bold. In with the view. This sums up the latest trends when it comes to patio doors. From full-glass panels with modern hardware to smaller panes divided by tradditional wooden framework, glass patio doors add understated elegance to almost any home. But is this trend right for your home? As your trusted window and patio door company in Central PA, we explore some of the considerations.

Natural Light

The thought of sunlight streaming through your patio door, illuminating your home naturally is very appealing. And in many houses, this is a huge benefit of installing a glass patio door. Before you swap out your solid patio door, however, think about how the rooms near the doorway are used. If kids frequently watch television in an adjacent great room, the sun may cause an unwanted glare on the screen. Depending on the direction your home faces, it could also shine in the eyes of those seated around the table in a formal dining.


How much privacy does your yard afford? If you have lots of mature trees and shrubs, the view alone is worth installing a new glass patio door to bring the outdoors in. If you live in a highly-populated neighborhood without established vegetation, certain types of glass patio doors may sacrifice too much privacy. You may want to consider opting for a patio door with frosted glass rather than clear panels. This still allows light to come through, while maintaining some privacy.

Energy Efficiency

Glass naturally allows more heat transfer than wood or fiberglass. When shopping for glass patio doors at any window and patio door company in Central PA, look for styles that feature double-paned glass rather than a single pane. The added insulation makes it easier to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature without increasing utility bills. An added bonus? Double-paned glass is harder to break.

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