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Window Upgrades For Added Functionality

Windows come in many shapes and sizes to suit a variety of needs. When it’s time for replacement windows in Pittsburgh, you can choose to buy a newer version of what you already have, or take some time to consider specialty windows with extra functionality. Here is a look at a few windows types you may want to consider.

Double-Hung Windows

One simple upgrade is to replace your single-hung windows with double-hung windows. This means if you had a window where only the lower pane opened, now you can open both panes. This lets you slide open just the top pane to get some nice air flow while making it harder for a pet or child to climb out. Double-hung windows are perfect for letting in a cool breeze while you sleep during the warmer months.

Bay and Bow Windows

Have an avid reader in your family? Bay or bow windows are perfect for creating a cozy, sunny reading spot. This kind of window has multiple panes of glass that extend outward from your home and often provide enough space for a small bench or some storage.

Garden Windows

Love your kitchen, but need a little added “oomph?” Consider adding a garden window! This kind of window is a smaller version of a bay window and fits nicely over a kitchen sink. Having fresh herbs readily accessible can be a real treat. A garden window is a great place to put small pots of basil, oregano and thyme – or small plants or flowers or knick knacks or…. Garden windows are a great choice to brighten and freshen up your kitchen.

A small upgrade to your windows is a great way to add functionality to your home. Whether you’re making a small change – such as replacing single-hung with double-hung windows, or something more dramatic – such as replacing a small living room window with a bay window – you’ll need experienced contractors on your side. Zen Windows PA is here to help! To find out more about replacement windows in Pittsburgh,  give us a call or fill out our online quote form.

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