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Don’t Overlook These 3 Signs of Aging


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Once upon a time, everything in your home was new. Years have passed, and you’re starting to look at your options for new windows and patio doors in central PA. If your panes show one or more of the following signs of aging, it’s probably time to get a quote on replacing them.

One of These Rooms Is Colder (or Noisier) Than the Other

Do you experience extreme temperature differences from room to room? Windows and patio doors are to blame for as much as a third of energy losses in a home, according to Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates. In your case, warm or cold spots could be an indication that the existing frame insulation is no longer effective. In other homes, it’s simply a factor of the limitations of very old casings. Additionally, second-rate insulation becomes a privacy issue because of unrestrained sound travel.

Peels and Chips Abound

When you saw paint bubbles forming in and around your existing windows and patio doors in central PA, you may have tried stripping and recoating the enamel, only to end up with the same problem a year or two later. Pops and peels usually happen because the underlying material expands and contracts with changing temperatures. UV rays further exacerbate the problem, breaking down coatings and detracting from your home’s otherwise pleasant look.

Water Leaves its Mark

As amazing as water is in its three physical states, you shouldn’t be seeing signs of H2O’s work on your home’s glass panes. While condensation can happen because of poor ventilation or excessive humidity inside of your house, old single-pane and metal frame windows especially bring on the sweats. The same causes often manifest themselves with excessive ice buildup in the winter.

There’s one solution to the above issues, and no, it doesn’t require any macgyvering. Soft-Lite products offer the best in durability, insulation and soundproofing for windows and patio doors in central PA. Call Zen Windows at 717-773-4562 or start your online quote today!

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