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Zen Windows Installation – Replacement Windows Mechanicsburg PA

Like many potential clients, the customers for this job contacted us online after reading several reviews. They were curious to see what Zen Windows was all about and decided to get an online quote for their replacement windows.

First, I asked him a few questions on the phone to see what he was trying to accomplish and see if it was a problem we could solve. After realizing that his old windows were simply inefficient and probably not a good quality to being with, he said he wanted to get a quote.

Next, he filled out some information about his project online and I sent him a quote for his project. After the windows were manufactured (these took about 2 weeks or so) we called to schedule a time for his replacement windows to be installed.

A finished picture of this installation is below in which Zen Windows:

  • Removed all existing windows (we hauled them away as well of course)
  • Installed 10 custom made double hung replacement windows. The customer wanted the best efficiency so he chose our Zen Lotus triple pane window which is the most efficient window we offer.
  • Capped exterior to windows with aluminum to maintain a virtually maintenance free exterior

 replacement windows mechanicsburg pa

Finally, here is what the customer had to say about his Zen Windows experience…

“The entire process, from cost estimate to installation, was flawless and could not have been easier. J. R. and his installation team did an excellent job. I had 10 triple pane windows installed. Removal of the old windows, installation of the new and site clean up took approximately six hours. The windows are heavily built yet easy to slide up and down. They appear to be very high quality and well made. I am very pleased.”

Shortly after these replacement windows in Mechanicsburg were installed, we received a call from the neighbor right across the street who now has Zen Windows installed in her home as well.

If you’re curios to know how much it would cost to replace your windows, drop us a line or pick a time for me to call you here. We’d be happy to help.

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