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Our Financing Lets Homeowners Focus on the Quality of Their Window Projects, NOT the Cost.

If you’re looking at your home and realizing you need a window or door replacement project, but you don’t have unlimited resources, you might be wondering: Can you finance window replacement and get it done now without emptying your savings?

With the help of our financing programs, residents of Central Pennsylvania (including Harrisburg, York, and Lancaster) and Pittsburgh can explore the full potential of new replacement windows without stressing about how to afford it.


Why It’s Worth It To Finance Windows

hand full of money in front of a houseIf you’re thinking of waiting until you can pay for your replacement windows out of pocket, stop and consider the benefits of acting sooner.

Modern windows and doors offer many benefits over their predecessors, even relatively recent ones, not the least of which is the substantial improvements in energy efficiency due to better materials and construction principles. That means new windows can help you save money on energy sooner — to say nothing of immediately improving your home’s value.

Even if you have funding available for immediate window replacement, it may still be good to explore your financing options. Paying out the total cost of a project in a lump sum can be daunting compared to paying that same project out over half a year of payments — especially when that’s something you can do with no interest via our financing programs.

You might also find that the leeway afforded by financing means you can gain flexibility and get the windows you really want instead of settling for “good enough.”

How To Apply for Our Financing

If you’re ready to get started with financing or want to explore your options, it’s simple.

Step 1: Apply

You’ll start by contacting our team and giving us basic information on your financing and how much you need. We’ll work with you to put together and submit an application for your project to be financed.

Step 2: Get a Decision

It takes very little time for an answer to come back on your application, and when it does, we’ll let you know immediately. Barring any problems, you can expect a quick and simple approval for your financing.

Step 3: Get Started

Once you’re approved and have the fine details of your financing offer in hand, you can review it and consider your options. When you’re sure you want to move forward, let us know, and we’ll start your window replacement project!

Remember, applying doesn’t obligate you to do anything, so it’s completely risk-free. Take your time exploring your financial options with no added pressure. We want buying replacement windows to be as stress-free for our customers as possible, with or without financing.

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