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Our Financing Lets Pittsburgh & Central PA Homeowners Focus on the Quality of Their Window Projects…
NOT The Cost.

Our Financing Is Online, Paperless & Lets You Get The Project
You Want… Comfortably Within Your Budget.

You shouldn’t have to settle for a project that’s anything less than EXACTLY what you want. Our financing programs let Central PA (including Harrisburg, York, and Lancaster) and Pittsburgh homeowners get superior windows… while comfortably remaining within budgeted costs.

We provide financing through Foundation Finance, which provides financing specifically for home improvement. Foundation Finance has developed financing programs and processes to meet the specific needs of homeowners.

Below are more details about two of the financing programs we offer. If neither of these plans meet your needs, contact us—there is a good chance we can secure a plan that works for your situation.

Why Should You Finance?

Even if you have the cash on hand for your window replacement, it still makes sense to look at your financing options. If your project costs $8,000, which seems more pleasant: paying that entire $8,000 at once, or splitting the payments into manageable chunks of $1,333 over six months (with no interest)? The choice is yours. But exploring your financing options is something you should at least consider. After all, it can make your project investment MUCH more palatable.

Program #1: Six Months No Interest With Payments

Program #1: Six Months No Interest With Payments

Six Months No Interest With Payments means you can make minimum monthly payments during the promotional period. If you pay off the entire balance before the promotional period ends, all interest will be waived.

For example, if you are financing $5,000, you would be required to make small monthly payments for five months. On the sixth month, if you paid off the entire balance, then all interest would be waived. This means you would have only paid $5,000 in total. Alternatively, you can make six equal payments.

Minimum monthly payments will not pay off the loan in full within six months. It will be up to you to decide how you want to break it up (e.g., six larger payments, or five minimum payments and the remaining lump sum at the end). There are no pre-payment penalties, so you can pay off the loan before the sixth month.

If you do not pay off the entire balance during those six months, you will be charged interest on the entire balance. That interest rate will be established upon approval. You want to use this program only if you intend to pay off the entire balance during the 6 months.

Program #2: Low APR For Up To 120 Payments

Program #2: Low APR For Up To 120 Payments

If you would prefer a standard loan with a low APR, we offer a program with 9.99% APR over the life of the loan with up to 120 payments. Payments are typically about 2% of the loan (ex. $5,000.00 loan = $100.00 monthly payment). There are no pre-payment penalties with this program either. So if you acquire extra cash at any point during those 120 months, you can pay off the entire loan without penalty. This program makes sense for homeowners who want an incredibly comfortable monthly payment with minimal accrued interest.

Application Instructions

Application Instructions

1. Our financing is online, paperless, and extremely easy to apply for. You have three simple ways to apply:

2. Schedule a time to chat with us HERE, and we can take the information for you over the phone.

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