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Replacement Vinyl Windows In Manchester, PA

Manchesters Vinyl Window Replacement Company That Provides No-Stress Online Quotes

Need or want to replace your windows in the Manchester area? Regardless of whether you want to improve the beauty of your home, enhance your energy efficiency, add value, or simply replace a broken window, the Zen Windows Pennsylvania team is ready to show you how the process of purchasing replacement vinyl windows can be a stress-free, simple experience: the Zen Windows Experience.

Get a free quote today for your project in the Manchester area! Reach us online or by dialing 412-345-1320 for additional information.

Simple and Accurate Quotes

Online Quotes

No one wants to sit through a three-hour appointment with a pushy salesman. And when you choose Zen Windows, you won’t have to.

We provide 100% firm and accurate online quotes. Take five minutes to input your project info on our Get a Quote page, and we’ll follow up with a quote on the best windows for your situation within one business day. We don’t subject you to a sales presentation, and our quotes are good for LIFE. We provide you with key information to allow you to make the right decision. Then we take a step back and let YOU decide how to proceed.

You Pay When Youre Happy

Just about every vinyl window replacement company in Manchester requires money down before they start your project. We’re the extremely rare exception that doesn’t require a dime upfront. In fact, we don’t accept ANYTHING until we’ve completed your window replacement and you are satisfied with the outcome. This provides you with peace of mind because it guarantees your installation will be done exactly right the first time.

Better Prices (Yes, Really!)

Since we don’t have a sales staff or a big, fancy showroom, our overhead is much lower than the average window company’s. This allows us to sell superior replacement vinyl windows for better prices than many of our competitors can.

True Lifetime Warranties

Surprisingly, many “lifetime” window warranties are filled with prorating, loopholes, fine print, and exclusions. Not ours. Our true lifetime warranty provides total protection on both labor and materials (including broken glass!). There is no fine print. There are no “gotchas.” Period.

Involved Owner

Owner Andrew Zahn is actively involved in your project from start to finish. Andrew personally handles your quote, coordinates your project, and is one of your primary points of contact. There are no gatekeepers at Zen Windows. If you want to talk to the boss, you talk to the boss.

Lower Overhead = Better Prices

Since we don’t have a sales staff, showroom, or big advertising budget, our overhead is much lower than our competitors’. This lets us provide you with superior vinyl replacement windows for the best prices in Manchester. Get your online quote from us, and then shop it around. You’ll see that — apples to apples — no one can beat the value we deliver.

Types of Windows We Install

There are many factors that go into choosing your final windows, but one of the most exciting for many homeowners is choosing the styles of windows you’ll be using. We offer a broad selection of standard styles, and we can provide custom windows by request.


  • Double-hung. Your typical sash window, which can open at the top, bottom, or both
  • Awning. Windows hinged at the top, so that they open outward to form an awning
  • Bay. A set of three windows to form a curve away from your home, often with a larger central window
  • Round-top. Windows with either an arched shape or a single arched piece above two casement windows
  • Casement. Windows hinged at the side, so they open out like doors
  • Slider. Windows that slide side to side, similar to double-hung or single-hung windows but horizontal like a sliding door
  • Bow. Similar to bay windows, but often with more windows and all of equal sizes
  • Hopper. Windows hinged at the bottom that open inward, common in basements
  • Garden. Boxy protruding sets of windows designed to create a small space for plants to receive light
  • Special shape. Custom windows in whatever shape or design you have in mind

Learn more about your options for replacement vinyl windows in Manchester today. Contact Zen Windows Pennsylvania at 412-345-1320 or reach out to us online.

Why Zen Windows?

Windows shape every aspect of a home’s quality: comfort, safety, beauty, efficiency. Making decisions about something so important can be a stressful experience, but it doesn’t have to be. To make your window replacement process as painless as possible, we offer the Zen Windows Experience.

The Zen Windows Experience

  • No-Money-Down Guarantee: No down payment necessary, ever.
  • Skip the In-Home Sales Appointment: No hard sales face to face for products you don’t want.
  • Double Warranty Included: We’ll back installations with our own warranty on top of the manufacturers’.
  • Work Directly with the Owner: You work with your local Zen Windows owner, not an amorphous set of sales staff.
  • Decades of Experience: We’ve served as a premier window company since 1998.
  • Simple and Accurate: Get accurate free quotes, with no hidden charges, before you start your project.

Experience Zen for yourself. Reach out to Zen Windows Pennsylvania and get started on your project by dialing 412-345-1320 or by requesting a free quote online.

Manchester Customer Testimonial

Process went really well. A very positive buying experience compared to other window installers with no pushy sales tactics and the windows were reasonably priced. I would recommend Zen to anyone looking to buy windows. — Jason

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