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The Best-Reviewed Window Company In Mt. Joy, PA

Vinyl Replacement Windows in Mt. Joy, PA

Our Mt. Joy Customers Don’t Just LIKE Zen Windows…
They’re Flag-Waving Fanatics Who Sing Our Praises!

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There’s a reason Zen Windows is objectively the best-reviewed window company in Mt. Joy, PA: It’s because we do everything in our power to treat customers right!

What does “doing things right” include? Here’s a look…

  • No Sales Pressure: Not “very little sales pressure,” we’re talking NONE. You fill out the form on our Get A Quote page, and we email you a firm quote and a little more info about our windows. That’s it. If you’d like, we will take the time to review your options with you, so you can make the best decision for your home. And if for whatever reason you decide not to do business with us, we will completely respect that and thank you for your time.
  • Better “Bedside Manner”: Nobody wants a surly doctor with cold hands and a short temper—they want great bedside manner. The same is true for window companies… who—let’s face it—don’t have a great reputation in the first place. Mt. Joy customers LOVE how we bend over backwards to protect their home during installation, how we ALWAYS show up on time, and how we ALWAYS treat them with the utmost respect. By the time we leave, you’ll say to yourself, “I really like those guys!”
  • Outstanding Communication, Start To Finish: Window contractors are notoriously poor communicators—they convey an attitude of “We know what we’re doing, when we’re going to do it, and why we’re doing it the way we’re doing it, so quit asking all these questions!” Not with Zen Windows. You’ll always know where we’re at in the process, your warranty will be in writing, and the prices will always be exactly what was quoted. You’ll never wonder where we’re at in the process. We are master communicators.
  • No Deposits: We will not accept a dime from you until AFTER we install your windows… and the project is done to YOUR satisfaction. Why? Because this leaves the onus on US to perform at the absolute highest level.

There are many more reasons we’re the best-reviewed window company in Mt. Joy, PA. If you’d like to know more, visit the Compare Window Companies page of this website. You can also visit our Reputation page to read customer reviews and view recent awards we’ve won.

Lastly, here are links to different websites on which our customers have left reviews.

Please reach out to us with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

Mt. Joy Customer Testimonial

Very quick and painless sales quote. Amazed but it is really a quote in five minutes as they say. Ahead of schedule on all aspects; from the measure process to the final install. Excellent install and very good cleanup after the job. Windows are solid and look great.” — Jason P.

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